Friday, August 1, 2008

Resting day..friday...

It's Friday, I start my day with fishing at Deira coast. Not too much luck this time because I just only catch one fish. We went back around 3.20 am in the morning reach home and sleep.

Photo of Azhan and Fadhil when their fishing rod tanggle.

I wake up around 8.00 am and feed my kittens. Around 10.00 am, I went to Ali's house because we had planned to cook Asam Pedas with the fish that we caught yesterday.

After went to Spinneys with Ali buying some foods, we went for Friday prayer. After friday prayer, we start cooking. Ali went to Boss house because there's some activities related to health that he should get involved.

When he gone, Bro Ruzaini, or we called him Bro Janggut became the chef leader to cook Asam Pedas. Azhan and helmi cut the fish and I just prepared the vegetables.

Asam Pedas was ready to be serve..

all the menu are related to curry, Asam Pedas and fried fish..

We had our lunch at 3.00 pm..

After had our lunch...I falls asleep again...I wake up around 7.00 pm and had my bath and perform Magrib prayer. At 8.00 pm, we went out to Bur Dubai area with Ali, Helmi and Azhan company me because I want to buy a new lens for my D80 Nikon camera.. and also a new mobile because I sold my Iphone to Bro Azhan because he resist it and at the moment, I got 2 Iphone..

We went back home around 10.00 pm, had our dinner and watched new movie by M Night Syamalan...The Happening...huh..quite stress when watching this movie..everybody was just like kill themself because of something..huh..anyway..It's different with other movie anyway...I just went back and sleep around 12.30 am.

until next post..

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