Friday, October 31, 2008

Freaky friday....

Last night I went to sleep early….and on Friday morning, I wake up around 8.00 am, switch on my laptop and checking my mails and what so ever….my friend should have his driving class today but his tutor was unable to teach him…so he went back home and continue sleep..

Around 10.00 am, I went to Shindaga fish market, I was craving for Ketam masak lemak cilia pi with chili’s prawn…..I bought 1 kilo of prawn that cost me AED 35 per kilo and 2 kilos of crabs that cost me AED 50….police was closed the road to the market so I asked my friend drop me at the side of the market and pick me up at the same place…

We went back home before 11.10 am, had scrambled eggs and bread as our late breakfast, had my bath after and went for Friday prayer…I had my lunch after prayer and watch tv…at first I planned to go to the beach..but suddenly I just got bad mood and I went to sleep…someone had just broke my heart and I’m tired for being hurt….

It was difficult to compare my life before and after…it was sweet at the beginning and now, when all the happiness lost, I just can’t keep myself for hurting my feeling..but, I do love him and its difficult for me to keep him away because he’s the best person that I’ve ever meet in my entire life…

I was crying and called my friends in Malaysia….at the same time Eni Diana from Abu Dhabi called me mention that she and her husband Syed Shah was at the Mall of the Emirates…They want to see me and pass some Kuih raya that they bring for me from Malaysia….I was actually not in the good mood but thinking that they came from far and I missed to she their daughter Wahda…I drove 30 minutes to the Mall of Emirates and meet them…

in front of the Virgin store

After chit chat with them for 30 minutes, they went to had their dinner at Apple bees…I’m not joining them, so we just get separate….I went to Virgin store and grabs 3 DVD, Iron man, The Pacifier and 27 Dresses…I went back home and had my dinner…..continue eating the chili’s prawn and Ketam masak lemak…

After dinner, I watch iron man halfway and went to sleep…I got sms from my Design Director to get prepared and stayback for Sunday presentation…hmm…before I get crazy…let me rest as much as I can…

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Thursday, October 30, 2008


I wake up around 7.10 am, had my bath and straightly went to was a good day and I'm having good moods...I arrived at my office around 8.20 and switch on my pc....

I just had curry maggi as my breakfast followed by a little bit of Sarawak layers cake..and I had plain water as my drink..after 20 minutes, I start doing my job....I receive my first email for the day from our room new secretary, Sharon from Mindanao..Philippines...she just started her new life in TAK for the past one week and she was transfer to my room yesterday evening...

I continue done my final review for the area calculation for my residential project and waiting for my draughtsman to complete the latest drawings for basement layout...I just do the work until lunch time...I went out to French Connection to had lunch with Munyra, Sharifah Rogayah, Mazlina and Reen....we had breakfast set for lunch..ha ha ha

After lunch, I went back to office and continue done my work....Yunus and Hadie went to the site office and had a meeting with others regarding their project and Adrinfard was on behalf of the team torturing the new designer after the kids didn't do his work diligently and delayed all the proposed datelines....I just smile in front of my pc heard him babbling for an hour.....ha ha

When the time I want to go back home, Yunus came back from the site office...again, he done his daily routine and hiding my car and house keys...he always played and hiding my things everyday..but today was one of the worst when he hide my car key inside the rubbish bin...damn...

I went to the site office and fetch my friends...after that we went to had dinner to Citimoon cafe and I paid AED 106 for 2 chicken rice, 1 Lontong and 1 fried kuey tiaw...huh..die la...and I got a present from RTA when they gave me a summon AED 200 for misparking...I just got headache..

I went back home and had my bath...after that, I watch DVD...Bourne Ultimatum and sleep after updating my blogs.....

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Answer for tagged by my friends

I don’t have any idea to write anything today…at last, I’ve decided to reply all the tagged that had been gave by my friends….huh

The first one, I've been tagged by Imelda Maya
So, here it goes....
The Rules of Tags are:
1. You link the person that tagged you.
2. You post the rules on your blog.
3. You share six non important things/ habits/ quirks about yourself.
4. You tag six random people at the end of your post linking to their blogs.
5. Then, you let each random person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website.

Here we go...
My 6 things are:

1. When I don't really like a person. I just keep my feet away from them.
2. It is quite difficult for me to say 'NO' to everyone….and people taking the privilege.
3. I’m always called my friends and family in Malaysia…everyday
4. I can’t sleep if I got problems…even though the problem is small.
5. I’m eating while working…that’s why I can’t get slim.
6. My favorite number are 7 & 9.Now,

I will tag 6 people...

Nurul Aini Ramli di Putrajaya
Hadi Dubai
Aishah Dalila di Kuala Lumpur
Azidah di Melaka
Mother’s of Two…Kak Sheila
Saiful Hamdan di Miri

And the second one was an answer for tagged by Herry Hidayat

1. The rules of the game get posted at the beginning
2. Each player answers the questions about themselves
3. At the end of the post the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves a comment, letting them know they got tagged and to ask them to play and read your blog

Starting time : 2020 hours
Name : Mohamad Fahimi Bin Shariff
Sisters : 2
Brothers : 3
Shoe size : 7
Height : 180 cm

Where do you live : Now - Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Have you ever Been on a plane : Yes
Swam in the ocean : once a month….Jumeirah Beach
Fallen asleep at school : No…if sleepy, just go home
Broken someone’s heart : yes
Fell off your chair : yes
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : yes
Saved e-mails : yes
What is your room like : mess like a store
What’s right beside you : my TV
What is the last thing you ate : plain rice and chicken soup
Ever had Chicken pox : secondary school
Sore throat : yesStitches : yes
Broken nose : no

Do you Believe in love at first sight : 100%
Like picnics : yes
Who was were the last person You danced with : Umi Kalthom in Jammed Base
Last made you smile : Bro Yani with his funny act
You last yelled at : for the waiter at TGI Friday Mall of Emirates
Today did you Talk to someone you like : yes
Kissed anyone : No
Get sick : Several timeTalk to an ex : Yes
Miss someone : Yes
Who do you really hate: Secret

Do you like your hand-writing : Yes
Are your toe nails painted : No
Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in : Secret
What color shirt are you wearing now : Brown
Are you a friendly person : Yes
Do you have any pets : Yes…2 kittens
Do you sleep with the TV on : No
What are you doing right now : Replying tagged
Can you handle the truth : No

Are you closer to your mother or father : Mother
Do you eat healthy : Not sure
Do you still have pictures of you & your ex : Yes
If you’re having a bad day, who are you most likely to go to : Eating and singing inside my car
Are you loud or quiet most of the time : Loud!
Are you confident : Yes

5 things I was doing 10 years ago
1) Doing Matriculation at International Islamic University Malaysia, Lembah Pantai
2) Fanatic with Siti Nurhaliza songs
3) Went back to Kelantan every 2 week
4) Playing Volleyball
5) Water crisis in Kuala Lumpur….have to queue to get water at the college as early as 3.00 am….horror

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire
1) Develop my Village with good facilities
2) Travelling around the world
3) Share the happiness with my best friend
4) Built a resort by the sea
5) Buy and develop a plantation at Cameron Highlands

5 of my bad habits
1) Wake up late
2) Shopping
3) Urging people
4) Selfish
5) Think Negative

5 places I am living in
1) Machang, Kelantan
2) Bangi, Selangor
3) Kampung Pasir, Johor
4) Gombak, Selangor
5) Dubai, United Arab Emirates

5 people I tag
1) Mem Aluya Kuih Lapis, Dubai UAE
2) Aisyah Dalila, Kuala Lumpur
3) Eiy, Melaka
4) Saiful Hamdan, Miri
5) Hadi_Dubai

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008 salary was on hold again....

It was a brighter day for me today….I woke up early and went to my office…I start doing my work…..suddenly I got hungry, then I called mamat and kidnapped his curry maggi….had it as my breakfast…as what had I predicted…my salary for the month of October was on hold again because I didn’t completely filled up my time sheet…..may be in 2 or 3 days later I would get my money…what a pity…

My draughtsman’s Bro Roslie, almost done the cadding for my apartment design and I just continue done the floor area calculation based on the latest design until lunch time…I had chicken rice from kak Julia cost me AED 15 per meal and after eating it, I sleep for 20 minutes…at 2.00 pm…I woke up and just continue my works….

I just want to highlight a song for the day…I was crazy on the song by Melly Goeslow from her new compilation album…MINDNSOUL…..

DAHSYAT: Song by Melly Goeslow

Meskipun cerita berawal dari benci di hati
tak lantas kuurungkan maksudku untuk milikimu
menyelami hatimu yang sempat terkunci untukku
sampai mati kucinta

Dahsyatnya perasaan cintaku ini kepadamu
seringnya kita tak sepaham teguh smakin mencinta
satu hal lagi yang harus kau ingat dan kau pahami
sampai mati kucinta

sebuah lesung cinta terjadi dan harus terjadi
terngiang kuimpikan secerah hidup ini
dan setelah ada kita ku harus bersamamu

dahsyatnya ingin aku milikimu
tak bisa tahan lagi
sebenarnya ingin hatiku
kan curi kekasihmu
sampai mati aku mencinta
ku harus bersamamu

dahsyatnya perasaan cintaku ini kepadamu
seringnya kita tak sepaham teguh smakin mencinta
satu hal lagi yang harus kau ingat dan kau pahami
sampai mati kucinta

Another album which I played on my MP3 today was also a new compilation album from my favourite Dangdut artist…..Mas Idayu with Kekal 1001….amongts my favorite song was Robek Hatiku, Hasrat Perindu, Selangit, Cintaku 100%, Tarian Cinta and Sengol Sengolan Cubit Cubitan…

I think today, there’s some improvement in my life…I start to cheer up…Yunus was throwing things for me while I’m dreaming during work…huh…naughty….and he was laughing at me for the whole day with eddy…..

I went back home and had my dinner….after replying emails and updating my blog…I went to sleep…

Until next post

Monday, October 27, 2008

Mysterious Moody Monday

There’s nothing special that I want to elaborate for today’s event in my life…..I wake up around 7.00 am, had my bath and get dressed…at 8.00 am I drove to my office and reached 20 minutes later..

I continued done my work on my residential project….Umi came to me and just had some chit chat with her…missed her badly..but I do think maybe she had found what did she want and I’m happy for her..Umi bring me some fried rice and I ate it as my breakfast..she’s very talented in cooking everything…slowly my pain cured by the existence of few best friends….

I’m doing the area calculation based on the latest design and get rest during my lunch time…I didn’t had anything and just resting my brain and relaxing my body….I’m listening to my current favorite songs….Matahariku by Agnes Monica and Ayat ayat cinta by rossa…deeply I feel its entertain me…

After Lunch, my Design Director called me and we had some discussion….as what had been predicted by me….everything was true…I have to bring back the spirit and lighten up my names back…I went out from his room and get back to my working place to continue my work…..

Reen had mention to me and invited to had dinner with him because Kak Sabira Saffian had made us some Pulut Kuning…..It was my favourite food actually and I did not have the opportunity to eat it when I went back to Malaysia last week…but I just let Reen ate it with our other friends…I just being as what I am, emailed some friends and went home when the time off….

I don’t feel like eating dinner because I’m still not in the fresh condition..I just cook curry maggi and then watching BOURNE series DVD…..I falls asleep after updating my blog…..I just being confused and done a lot of thinking….sometimes I just want to bring out my brain, wash it for a while and put it back…To live as what I am now is not easy and I don’t really know until where I can go along the route..

Until next post….

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Slowly moving forward

I woke up early and reached my office around 8.35 am….I didn’t eat anything for breakfast and just start my work…I’m preparing the presentation slide for afternoon presentation to the clients and I done it before 10.00 am…

I got another meeting with all of XEDL design staff and it was chaired by our Design Director…th purpose was to know about the progress of the projects and development and design solution…at the end of the meeting, our Design director just voice up his dissatisfaction with the staff attitude and performance..he doesn’t mention names but I just identify myself as one of it…

After the meeting ended..I continue my work….printing my slide for hardcopy copy and email the document to our presentation girls…I just proceed with the angular layout for my residential project….arranging the new plans and calculate the new built up area…

I had Nasi Lemak from Kak Julia…meeting her at downstairs and had a little chit chat…It reduced some of my stressed and built up my emotions….done eating, I do my work until the end of the day…..I went to the site office to sent tire for Wan Azmi and then back to Al Murroj Rotana to sent cake Lapis Sarawak for Kak Sabira…

The Human resource people came and asked me to fill up another leave application form because I had extend my leave combine with compassionate leave..don't know either they would cut my salary or not....I just prepared for anything...

It just hard to be me and had this kind of feeling…I’m really don’t know how to recover from my sadness…so many friends came and gave advised and some do come to cheer me up….but I just remains be the same…there’s lot of thing that I’m thinking and now I’m finding out the solutions for it…some may say that I’m too emotional but the reality is…I’m emotional….and now I’m lost…

For another few weeks, my age will be increase by another years….and all the past time that I’ve been through….It was not quite giving me hope to further up to live….as I’m losing my direction and reason to continue my journey…I do think that only 2 things that can make me survived and I don’t really know when I can accomplish the 2 missions….
I just justify my brain as just been beaten by the baseball stick……can’t even think…

Until next post….

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sick saturday

Today is Saturday and it was my first working days after had a long vacation…I came at 1.00 pm with mamat and had our lunch at Pizza hut…I’m quite blur and sad…not because of the hard times that I had before but it was about a little misunderstanding last night…

I’m hoping to much on something that I can’t get and it make me crazy…Its hurt when I just be in the fantasy and don’t want to faced the reality…I wish that some one would understand me and give his love to me…but it was not achieved to what did I aspect..

I was expecting that you would motivated me and built up back my spirit…but you just hurt me more and being selfish…..its totally different and I just can’t accept it…I just sad until I feel regret to be born in this world….yes..I’m weak and I do hope that you satisfied…

I have to know the reality that no one would love me as the way that I want..and I still eager to find one…when I’m lost..I’m hurt…why can’t god just give me some happiness and stop testing me on my journey in life….I wish that I would die instantly because I can’t keep hurting myself…I do believe that some of my friends face the same and some were happily live ever after…

People can easily say a words and asking me to change…you may said that I’m stubborn…Do I have to follow what you say just to show that I love you…you want me to sacrifice things that I can’t ever be for your own satisfaction and when I can’t ever make it…you would also blame me..
I was not capable to do what did you asked…’s not because I’m can’t do but I don’t want to be hypocrite and sacrifice myself for the things that I don’t like…I don’t want to hurt more feeling and being fake in all my life…..I just choose to be what am I today…and I wish that I would die before you leave me…

It was my hope to have you as my cure but you gave me poison in my life….its better for you to take a knife and just kill me…to be truth..I don’t bother whether I live long or live until tomorrow because all my life was in sorrow…God had cursed me to live now in what I am…Thanks for all words that you’ve said to me and I just keep it at the bottom of my heart…..I afraid to know people if this was way its ended….

Until next post…

Friday, October 24, 2008

Matahariku by Agnes Monica

I was not in a good mood..just watching SEPI and SUSUK movie......just want to share my favourite song for now....MATAHARIku by Agnes Monica..

Tertutup Sudah Pintu,
Pintu HatikuYang Pernah Dibuka Waktu Hanya Untukmu
Kini Kau Pergi Dari Hidupku
Kuharus Relakanmu Walau Aku Tak Mau

Reff :

Berjuta Warna Pelangi Di Dalam Hati
Sejenak Luluh Bergeming Menjauh Pergi
Tak Ada Lagi Cahaya Suci
Semua Nada Beranjak Aku Terdiam Sepi

Reff 2 :

Dengarlah Matahariku, Suara Tangisanku
Kubersedih Karna Panah Cinta Menusuk Jantungku
Ucapkan Matahariku Puisi Tentang Hidupku
Tentangku Yang Tak Mampu Menaklukkan Waktu

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thursday in Dubai

I arrived Abu Dhabi airport at 12.30 pm, after get everything done, my luggages and so on…I took a taxi from the airport to my house in Dubai..It cost me AED 300 for the journey….I arrived my house at 2.00 am on the Thursday morning..

After put down and rearrange all my stuff, I just continue to sleep…my friend was not feeling well and I just stay to take care of him…I woke up around 10.00 am in the morning, had my breakfast and feed my kittens. I just clean up their mess and then play with them…They were like forgotten about who am I and they just be unfriendly to me….

I went back to my room and opening my emails and blog..It was not a good day for me and I’m not in the good moods. There were something hurting my feeling and I’m keeping it to myself….My friends coming back from the office and asked me to go out for dinner and movie….

Obviously I’m still not in the good mood and I just feel like being everywhere in the world was not a suitable place for me…My friend Harris Zamzairie pay for my dinner at Chili’s and then we continue to watch movie..Eagle Eye……..It was quite entertaining….but deep in my heart I’m still sad with all the things happened to me….

I went back home and sleep around 12.05 am….

Until next post

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Its time to say goodbye

Wednesday, 22nd of October....stated in my diary that I have to leave my beloved hometown and country...I have to fly back to Dubai to continue my duty....before leaving to the airport, I went to my mother graveyard and pay my last respect...
I'm sorry mother, all in my live...I swear to Allah swt that I love you so much...and I know that during the time when you alive....I didn't be a good son....sorry for everything,...I regret it in all my life that I don't see you for the last time...only my doa and pray would be you as I'm still alive....
me at mother graveyard
My father and friend sent me to the airport in Pengkalan was sad when I look at my father who is old and still struggling sending his beloved son...I'm appreciate it so much and may Allah would bless my father for what he had done.....I do wish that I would see him again...and do belive..I love my father so much.....

photo of me with my father

lonely father

After snding me, my father and friend went back home..I walked to the departure hall and waiting for my flight...After getting into the plane.....I sat on my seat and the plane flew...Once it flying and leave the ground of Kota Bharu...I start to cry..
I'm thinking that everything would be happens in future...and I do afraid that I could not come back and see my father.....I don't want things happened to my mother would be again to my father....I'm stupid and continue crying until reaching KLIA airport...
Kota Bharu town from the air

Kuala Lumpur International Airport
I'm arriving KLIA at 6.00 pm and my other friends, Imelda and Shafinaz was waiting for me..I'm touching when there's still people who concern for me...thanks for all my friends who called me before I'm flying back...Fawzul, Zafran, Momok and pijan.....thanks for everything..
I went to check in my luggages and I got extra 12 kg..end up with I had to pay RM 950....huh..after that, we went for dinner to the nearby restaurants....and I ate 3 menu...
Imelda and me

Shafinaz and me

This was the foods that I ate before flying to Dubai
Shafinaz and Imelda sending me until at International departure gate and they waving their hands....again I'm heart was really touch today....I just keep walking and bring my broken heart to Dubai.....may the time would cure it..
I'm getting into my flight at 8.40 pm and the plane depart from the airport at 9.40 pm....don't know what would happen in future and I do pray that It was not the worst thing ever...
until next post...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bukit Bakar recreational park and Tanah Merah night market

Only 2 day left for me to enjoy the scenery and live in my beloved land...Malaysia...I went to the grave in the morning and just talking to my father until afternoon....around 3.00 pm, I went out with my friends to the nearest waterfall...but it was not a waterfall basically...just a recreational park that have water area which people can swim and jump around...
at the entrance of the recreational park

me at the hanging bridge

pose at one of the rock...

at the main swimming area

After having fun and tired swimming around, I went back home.....talked to my father, and had my bath...after maghrib prayer, I went to Tanah merah and searching for food at the night market.....this is the first and last night market that i went during my stay in Malaysia....

I stop at Keropok lekor stall and bought fried popiah and keropok...after that, I just searching around....lastly I just stop at a stall and bought 5 pack of Nasi is for my father, maids and friends

bought some keropok lekor

pose at the foods stall
When my hand was full, I just asked my friend to carry some of it and we went back home....I just fullfill my eating desire and ate like there is no tomorrow...
until next post...

Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday market in Machang...

It was Monday morning and I had 2 more days to stay in Malaysia...can I just extend my vacation??? he he the answer is NO....after had my bath and get dressed, I went to Machang town which located 10 minutes drive from my is a weekly events...Monday market..where we can find and eat all the cheap things....but In Kelantan..everything is cheap...

Photo of me...Monday Market in Machang

I bought some kuih for my deserts
while waiting for my Roti John

After done all my shopping at Monday market, we then walking to my friend shop nearby to had our lunch there...I had Nasi kerabu with daging bakar, telur asin and fried chicken...

nasi kerabu
and after I finished my meal, I had roti john....this is one of my favourite during ramadhan....unfortunately I can't have it for this year I considered as payback time...

roti john

At 2.00 pm after had my lunch, I got an appointment with dentist. I done scaling for my teeth and it took about 35 minutes...It's reallu hurt and I was not allow to eat hard food for the whole day...

I went back home and sleep...around 5.00 pm, I woke up, had chit chat with my father and took his motorbike and do 4 round around my village...crazy...being a Mat Rempit for a while..he he..

At night after maghrib, I went to Paloh Rawa to eat the famous Noodle sup at my village area...just cost me RM 3 for a cup of noodle....and I had 2 cups..

eating noodle at Paloh Rawa

After bought some for my father, I went back home and watch tv....until I was falls asleep....

until next post...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Kah Mah Budiman restaurant...a quiet house

I went to Tanah Merah town to settle down my obligation and personal matters....Only Tanah Merah is the nearest town which have Maybank. After done my work at the bank, I went to the market and bought some groceries...
After that, I decided to go to Kak Mah Budiman restaurant in Tanah Merah to get my late is one of my mother favourite restaurant for dining out. I just get an ABC for myself and ordered my mother favourite dishes...Ayam goreng Halia...I went there with my friends and we just eat everything that we wants....especially foods that rarely found in Dubai...
a cup of ABC (Air Batu Campur)

Siakap 3 rasa

set of lunch....cost RM 50 for 3

photo of me with the foods

After done everything, I went back home around 5.00 father was sitting at the balcony and looking towards the street. Maybe he just imagining and rethinking on the old memories with my late mother.....
I just snap a few photo of my house just for my personal collection to cure myself if I miss my house so much...below is the living room where all the family members were gather and watching movie together...I used to sleep on the floor while my mother would sit on the sofa...but now I was be there more mom stay beside...

living area that use to be happening before

birds (Tekukur) that father like to keep

an empty house...father will be lonely and alone

Looking at the house, it makes me sad.....usually my mother would stay at the balcony and greeting us when we come back from work...and when we want to go back to Kuala Lumpur to work...she will be crying and waving her hand to us...that the most unforgetable memories that I can't ever forget in my whole life.....

Now, only father continue his was hard for me to leave him alone but I have to...only Allah swt knows what will be happens later....Only wish that I can meet him again...

Until next post.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

A day trip to Golok...Thailand

It was a Saturday morning where I don't know what to do...really...lastly, my friend ask me to follow him to the border of Malaysia and Thailand, Golok town. It took only 30 minutes drive from my house to the border. I park my car near the Custom complex and walk to the Malaysian check point.

I reached Rantau Panjang check point around 2.30 pm. After get the verification and so on....we walked to Sungai Golok check point..the entrance for southern Thailand.

me at Sungai Golok bridge

After walking about 4 minutes, we arrived at Thailand check point and we have to filled in the form to get in to Thailand....I'm lazy to write anything so I just pay at the writer RM 2 just to write and fill the form. Lots of kelantanese came to Golok every day and night.

a worker filling forms...RM 2 per person
After get the certification and so on, we then took a ride to the city center of Golok. There's lot of motor taxi waiting for the passenger at the check point..
my friend with motor taxi..RM 3 per ride
When we arrived at the destination, we just walked and done our photo shoot and window shopping....I just followed my friend done his hair treatment because the cost here is cheaper than did it in Malaysia....that was according to my friend.... I just walking around the shop while waiting for him...
Golok town..this is the place where all the bomb been thrown in town
After he done his treatment, then we went to fulfill my desire...I came here because to eat all the Thai food which I do think was the best ever that can fulfill my taste...we went to the restaurant that I usually go when I come to Golok...its located at the central park of Golok town.
I just ordered everything that was appear in my minds....Siakap, squids, crabs, beef, tom yam and so on...and this were what did I you think that I'm greed? ha ha
chicken serai

chili's crab

Siakap sweet and sour, tomyam, kerang bakar, crabs and many more
We had our dinner for 2 hour and without realizing that it was dark already...after pay for our food which just RM 110 for 7 dishes and main course....we grab the motor taxi again and took us to the check point....along the way, we stop at the fruits shop and I bought fruits for my father.
Along the way, we saw lots of Thai army manage and guarding Golok area....they bring the bomb sensor and survey everywhere...It was known that lately Golok area famous with bomber and lots of people had been victims and lost their journey was save...
Thai army still guarding the southern area of Thailand

After checking out from the Imigration in Sungai Golok, I went to the carpark where I park my car and drive back home...I reached home around 10 pm...after giving fruits to my father, I had my bath and went to sleep...I was enjoying eating today....don't know when I'll come back and eat it again.....
until next post

Friday, October 17, 2008

I've been tagged...100 facts about Fahimi Shariff

I was been tagged by my friend Imelda Maya Haris and actually I don't know what to write about me...anyway I just try my best...

100. I'm still single

99. my height is 180 cm.

98. my weight is 79 kg.

97. I love travelling.

96. I'm lonely.

95. I have 2 cats, Bidi (male) and Combi (female)

94. I'm working in Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE

93. I'm living in Al-Diyafah, Dubai, UAE

92. I'm a Design Architect

91. I'm from Machang, Kelantan, Malaysia

90. I like to sing.

89. I like to eat everything.

88. But I don't like vegetables.

87. I missed my mother

86. One of my favourite food is Nasi Lemak

85. I do wish that someone will come and love me

84. I don't know where is my place for retirement yet

83. I like to live and work in Dubai at the moment

82. I respect my boss

81. I respect my talented friends

80. I hate back stabbers

79. I just coloured my hair

78. Accidently I just cut my hair

77. I like to buy but now don't know where to keep

76. My housemate hates my cats.

75. I got a white car in Dubai, Hyundai Santa Fe

74. My father is living alone in Kelantan

73. I love secret Recipe cakes

72. I like architecture and travelling books

71. I didn't sleep in my house

70. My bed is filled by my teddy bears

69. I got 20 perfumes

68. I don't know who was my real friend

67. But I try to be a good friend

66. I hate waiting.

65. My neighbour in the office always bullied me

64. Since staying in Dubai...I like to eat Kuih Tepung pelita

63. I don't know how to recite Al-Quran

62. But I'm learning it now from somebody

61. I do think that I'm fat

60. I'm lazy to exercise

59. I like to eat Asam pedas

58. I know how to fishing now

57. I'm always go fishing at Dubai Creek on Thursday night

56. I don't know how to Shisha

55. Apple Bees is one of my favourite restaurant

54. Dubai Festival City is my favourite shopping mall

53. I don't like people organizing my life

52. I don't forgive people

51. I don't be friend with people who always backstabbing me

50. Someone had borrowed money from me.....and I hope he's return in time

49. I don't involved in Politics

48. I try to satisfied everybody

47. But one is difficult to satisfied me

46. I'm saving my money to buy a house

45. But I don't know where is the location

44. I don't like to live in the city during my retirement

43. I like to ask my friends opinion before decide anything

42. I'm almost have everything but not Love

41. I miss to see the sunset in Phuket

40. I love thai foods in thailand

39. I'm crying when I'm sad

38. People always broke my heart

37. I'm senstive

36. I miss to eat at Hartamas square

35. I like to go to Cameron Highlands

34. I wish to go to Venice with my lover

35. One day, I will go to Makkah

34. I hope that I'll be a better muslim

33. I'm afraid of being married

32. I don't like kids

31. I hate people who not be thankful for what they have

30. I hate liars

29. But I got lots of friends who always lie to me

28. I hate to be alone

27. I like Siti Nurhaliza and Noraniza Idris

26. I also like Mas Idayu and Amelina

25. I do like Too Phat

24. My favourite movies is Harry Porter series

23. My favourite TV series is CSI

22. and I also like HEROES

21. I hope that I can maintain my body size

20. I wish that I'm always be surrounded by good people

19. I don't want to meet my enemy

18. I have been betray by my best friend

17. and I hate him in all my life...

16. I'm quite sellfish

15. I like to sleep

14. I hate shaving my beard everyday

13. I don't like to woke up early in the morning

12. I like to eat Laksa Penang

11. I want to build a house in the rubber plantation

10. I'm always think negative

09. I'm happy with my life now

08. I wish that he will love me forever

07. My favourite song now is Ayat Ayat Cinta by Rossa

06. My favourite kuih raya is Tart Nenas

05. I just bought 20 Kek Lapis Sarawak from Eim

04. I always bring extra luggage to Dubai....contains foods

03. I like to listen to traditional music

02. I'm not rich yet

01. I'm 29 years old

I do hope that Imelda is satisfied. But now I want to tagged other people so that he can describe them clearly to me on what their secrets and stand.

Mem Aluyah Kuih Lapis
Aishah Dalila awek hadie
Nurul Aini Ramli...kawanku yg jual baju baby
Aidid arabicax

please describe your 100 facts to all readers...

Until next post

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cameron Highlands to Kuala Lumpur and back to Kelantan

It was like I've been unconcious sleeping for the whole night...Papa woke me up at 8.00 am and asked me to joined him for breakfast...I quickly had my bath and then get dressed..around 8.30 am, we went to brinchang and had our breakfast...I had Nasi lemak and Papa had Nasi kerabu..

Mama was working today and she was busy preparing her office open house that will be held at the end of the day..

me and Papa Khairani

after breakfast, we went to strawberry farm...another photo of me with strawberry

infront of Papa house at Cameron Highlands

Papa house in Kg Taman Sedia...Cameron Highlands
Papa sent me to the bus station at Tanah Rata because my next bus to Kuala Lumpur was at 11.00 am...after shacking hands and everything, I get into the bus and went back to Kuala Lumpur....along the way, I'm enjoying the scenery that I've never look for the long time...sometimes, I just feels like I'm a tourist who visiting my own country...feels like Malaysia was no longer my hometown.....what a pity...huh
I arriving Kuala Lumpur at 3.00 pm, after went to meet my friend and took my bags that I left in his car, again I went to Bukit Bintang area and done my window shopping...around 6.00 pm, I went to KL Sentral to meet my friends and then check in my luggages...I'm flying back to Kota Bharu with Malaysia Airlines...I'm tired for travelling long hours so I've decided fly back to Kelantan...
My flight schedule at 10.30 at KLIA, I spent 2 hours with my friends at KL Sentral....I'm meeting my old unimates from IIUM, Sri Wahyuni, my adopted sister Zakiah (Ija) and Harris Zamzairie wife and daughter... we meet at Secret recipe and had our dinner there....
me with Sri Wahyuni who is 8 months pregnant

Sri Wahyuni in white, Mila and Putri....Ija in grey and me...

Mila, Harris wife and Putri, their beloved daughter
me and Harris zamzairie daughter...Putri

After had dinner with my friends, I sent them to LRT station at KL Sentral and then pick up my bags. I then went to check in my luggages at the boarding counter at KL Sentral. After done everything, I just bought the KLCAT train to KLIA that took only 28 minutes to reach the destination....
me inside the KLCAT from KL Sentral to KLIA

After went to the boarding area, suddenly I meet my old friends which I know her since I'm working in Singapore before, Datin Ina..wife of Dato' Khir Johari...who also want to fly back to Kelantan..he he..what a coinsidence...we just had a little chit chat and then we just split

me and Kak Ina, wife of Dato Khir Johari...
I arrived Kota Bharu around 11.30 pm, get a taxi and went back home to my house...cost me RM 75 for it fare....huh...after updating my blogs, I just had a drink and sleep...It was a tiring journey for me....but its worth it....I do miss all my family and friends in Malaysia...but I do really miss people in Dubai too..
until next post

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

From Johor Bahru, Kuala Lumpur to Cameron Highlands

I'm starting my journey from Tanah Merah Kelantan around 9.15 pm and arrived Johor Bahru station at 9.45 pm the next was a tiring journey for me and I just get vomitted for almost 4 times on the train....huh....I would not take a train anymore for the long journey...

Tanah Merah KTM Kelantan
After arrived at Johor Bahru, I just took a taxi and went to Kak Nora house in Kg old rental house...I just grabs all my old things and packed on my 2.00 pm on the same day, I went to Larkin and took a bus to Kuala Lumpur.....crazy took another 4 hours to reached Kuala Lumpur..
photo of me with kak Nora....
I'm arriving Kuala Lumpur at 7.00 pm at night, and my friends picked me up at Hentian Puduraya...after that, he just bring me back to his house at Bukit Antarabangsa...He just bought a new house and he just want to show his house to me...a beautiful penthouse which had been renovated creatively by himself....
After dinner at his house, I just get to the room and sleep...It was totally a tiring journey for me...the next day...I woke up around 7.20 am, had my bath and get dressed...after that done some photoshoot at his house..he don't want me to put his house photo because it was not fully renovated's was a very beautiful house..
me with Kuala Lumpur city as background......the photo not too clear

one of the best view of my friend house interior

view of Kuala Lumpur city from my friend house in Bukit Antarabangsa..
I just followed my friend to his office because I'm planning to do some window shopping and photography shoot around Kuala Lumpur area...We reached Bukit Bintang area quite we decide to had our breakfast first...I just pampering my friends and bring them to J W Marriot Kuala Lumpur....and had our buffet breakfast there....not quite expensive....around RM 63 for 3 people...he he...
me at J W Marriot restaurant
me at J W Marriot
After breakfast with my friends, we just went across to Pavillion to do some window shopping and start comparing the price in Kl to Dubai....he he..
me infront of Pavillion
We went out from the Pavillion around 10.30 and just walking along the Bukit Bintang area...I just walk until I stop at a massage center that can be found at Plaza Bukit Bintang area...I'm just pampering myself and done the body massage for 1 hour..after that, I'm continue done the reflexology massage for another half an hour...crazy..
massage at Jalan Bukit Bintang

After done some window shopping at Bukit Bintang area, I went to my next destination, Hentian Puduraya....I going to Cameron Highlands to meet my Papa and Mama (my adopted family)...seems like 2 years already I didn't meet this time, I've decided to go and meet them again...
Hentian Puduraya

me at Puduraya bus station....waiting for the bus
The bus depart from Puduraya around 1.00 pm, it took about 4 hours journey to the destination....when I arrived at Tanah Rata, mama picked me up at the bus stand and bring me back to the house...after had my bath and get dress, we went out to Brinchang to get our late lunch because I didn't eat anything yet...
me and Zakuan at his house

me at Papa Khairani strawberry farm

Mama Shamsiah and Zakuan after our dinner

I had tom yam and plain rice, after our dinner, we went to opah house located just around the corner to meet the rest of the family...since Hari Raya mood was still there and we just finished all the Kuih Raya that they still have...he he..
Around 8.00 pm after Maghrib, Papa was came back from Ipoh.....and after Isyak, all of us went out again to Mak Ngah restaurant in Tanah Rata to get our dinner...It was raining heavily but we still manage to go to the restaurant..
I just had chicken chop and Papa and Zakuan just had fried rice.....mama didn't ate anything....may be she's on diet....After we done our dinner, around 10.00 pm, we just went back home....Zakuan just sleep early because he got another PMR examination paper, and I just watched CSI until I was falls asleep......It was cold when it was raining outside...
until next post..