Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sinful Sunday

I start my day by woke up around 7.45 am, had my bath and then went to the office with Leizl car...I reach my office, ate currypuff and done my work...

I was been chase by the nephew of my big boss to give him the non approval design..He's a Quantity surveyor but acting like a director of the project...easily instructing anybody just because he's the big boss family be true..most of my big boss family members here were arrogant and acting like big boss..but what to do...the firm that I'm working now was a family business and..each family members became a spy for the big beware..If anyone make trouble with family would not be good..

After completing my work, I'm taking time off to take my driving lisence card in Al this is the starting of my sinful sunday....just cut the story short...the driving school doesn't have the system that arrange anything in order..It was chaos and pissed the end I just went back to the offce and continue my works..

While doing my work...suddenly somebody put a Pulut Panggang on top of my table and I don't know who..I just took and ate because at that time...I don't have my lunch yet..After finish eating, then there were 3 people inside my room just said that the food that I'm eaten just now was already expired and they were laughing at me...but I don't take it as a joke...all in my life here..I didn't played with expired food and give to the other people as a done it to me...and what most make me regret was...a good member of me was joined the team to played a game on me...huh...fucked them all

I just went back on 6.00 pm, feed my kitten and cook for my dinner. It was a tiring day for me..I just cook a simple menu..

barbeque squids and prawns

fried omelette
Serunding daging from Kelantan..

After had my dinner, I just went to sleep...

until next post.. 

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