Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday..entertaining guest from Abu Dhabi...

I went back home from fishing and sleep around 6.00 am...then I woke up around 10.00 in the morning....went to the shops and buy some ingredients for lunch...After friday prayer, I had lunch with Bro Helmi housemates and we had..

chilis squids

fried chickens

fish curry

Ikan Bakar...

and orange as our drinks

After lunch, I went to Dubai Festival City to meet Marinna (Arin) landscape and Tinting QS which came from Abu Dhabi...they were my ex unimate from International Islamic University Malaysia....accidently...Fuadah Nazri also there..

Arin and Tinting..I'm surprised because Tinting become fat..she said that she gain 6 kg in 4 month..oh my god...

I just ordered brownies with ice cream on top

me and Arin

Arin, Tinting and Fuadah Nazri

Arin, Tinting, Fuadah and me

After had late lunch, Fuadah had something to do and she left us....Arin, Tinting, Harris and me continue our shopping spree and snap photos..

Tinting and Arin at Festival city man made waterfalls

They tried to make some acrobatic movement...maybe

Tinting, Harris and Arin at the promenade

Tinting and Arin at the canal promenade

Harris, Arin and Tinting...get to the boat

It's me, Arin and Tinting on the boat at festival City canal

After done some shopping, we wnet to a shop and bought wedding present for Munyra and Kamil...then, I bring them to my house because Tinting and Arin want to see my kittens..

Tinting and my kittens

Arin and my kittens

Around 7.30 pm, Narayan pick us and then send Arin and TinTing to Bur Dubai bus station...They took a bus and went back to Abu Dhabi...I hope that they were happy with their trip to Dubai...I may visit them when I got my car...a few weeks from now...

until next post...

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eiM Harris said...

mimi!!!! si puteh tu mcm lulu!! rindu!! rindu nya kat ko n arin n ting! *hugs*