Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Moment of history..I pass and get Dubai Driving lisence

It was the day of History…It’s 13th of August and I will take my final driving test today….I woke up early in the morning, clean up my house and watch movie….Volcano…I’m taking off day today..After taking my bath…I had curry maggi as my breakfast.

After prepared everything, I just take a taxi and went to Al Qusais…place where I would take my final road test. I reach there around 10.10…I went to Block 3 and queue for 30 minutes to handover my student slips.. After hand over..i just wait for another 15 minutes..then the tester called my name and asked me to go to car no 15….

There’s a few more people would joined me. I’m in the first batch…but I’m the last person to do the test. When my time come..i just drove the car with calm faces but inside…nervous like hell..fortunately…It’s going well until the end…The tester asked me where I came from…and he said that I drove the car very well…but he said that may be auto car is suitable for me…..He…was happy when I said that I’m from Malaysia and he’s very happy and praise to everybody that Malaysia people is good…..

At last…he pass me…After that, the next procedures is tedious…I have to take certification and queue for another 5 places inside the complex..It’s hot and the temperature outside was 48 degree….Sweating like hell and my hair look mess….I’ve done everything around 3.00 pm..but I just can collect my driving license card on have to come again….

I then take a taxi and went to Dubai Festival city….I had my lunch at Yo Sushi and then went to marc by marc Jacobs retail and bought another sling bag which cost me aed……I went to Ikea and done some shopping…will upload photo of my house after with new decoration…ha ha ha…

Around 6.00 pm, I went to DIVA to do my manicure and hair blow..then I went to Bro helmi house…we cook nasi lemak for our dinner. After dinner, I just went home and sleep…I’m happy today because at last I got Dubai driving lisence….

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