Thursday, August 28, 2008

thursday...time for leisure..crab hunting at Umm Al Quwain

It was thursday, I woke up around 7.00 am in the morning and had my bath..prepared my self to the office and went to Chelsea Garden to get my breakfast..

my sinful breakfast

I start my day by continue the resort design..unfortunately, my Big Boss doesn't approve the layout and asked us to redesign it again...I just negotiating with Mr Jun and we try to figure out the best design solution for the project..

After done my work before lunch, I'm telling my boss to get half day leave because I'm so tired and need a break... I was tired and morally down..I went to the pet shop to buy a new cage for my kittens and it's cost me AED 1400 for one big cage...and I'm broke..

petshop at sheikh zayed road

I made bath for my kittens and then pick up Bro Azhan and Rosable from the site office, then we went to get our dinner at citimoon because Bro Azhan insist to eat the fried kuew tiaw...

view along the way from Meydan Grandstand site office

After had our dinner at Citimoon, we moved to Deira market to buy fish and prawns for our barbeque..

Bro Azhan and Rosable bought the fish and prawns

We went back home an prepared ourself..After pick up Rosable, we went to the Mall of the Emirates to pick up Bro Helmi and nurul because they went to ski Dubai...they were late to the promising place...I've to make 3 time moving around the shopping mall....after pick them up..we continue our journey and stop at the petrol station..

snap of me at the gas station..

Attached below is the route journey from my house to the crabs hunting at Umm Al Quwain..

from Emirates road to the Umm AL Quwain

We reached the Palma resort around 11.20 pm, I'm park my car and bring down all the things that we bought to the trip..After that, I'm following Bro Azhan to register to the crabs hunting island and make payment and rental of the cabana..

while doing the registration to the crabs hunting island

our boat to the island of crabs 

we start the fire

searching for crabs

crabs crawling in the water

Yusri got one

we done some barbeque with the crabs..from left..Rosable, Helmi, Nurul, Roslan Muslim, me and Mahanum


sun rise at the beach

me with all the crabs that we hunt

we were dividing the catch..

amount of crabs is 56..
this portion is belong to me

this cabana rent is aed 550 per night

this is where we hunt the crabs

photo all of us at the small island

We ride a boat from the small island to the Palm tooks us 5 minutes to reached the destinati0n

Ridzwan and me

inside the boat...Azhan, Halim, Helmi and me..with the boat driver

3 ladies..Rosable, Nurul and Mahanum

fisherman village along the way

 police which govern the Umm Al Quwain sea

view of the Palma beach resort..

photo of me at the jetty

in front of the Palma Beach Resort main entrance

all of us packing to go back home

We moved from the resort around 8.00 am in the morning and reached our house at 8.30 was tiring but overall was satisfied and enjoyable...

until next post

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