Saturday, August 16, 2008

Simple showroom survey

It was a lazy saturday for me...I woke up around 11.30 am in the morning, had my bath and straightly went to DIVA....I'm confuse whether I want to cut my hair or I just blow dry my hair.

I went to the office and reached there at 1.05 pm...I went to pizza hut and had my lunch with Benjamin, Saidatul and Mamat...after that..we went upstair and start our work...I did called Mdm Ivy, my HR manager, cum wife of my big boss and also my mother in dubai...I'm complained to her about the salary certificate issue and so on...the best part was, she congratulate me because I passed the driving test only at my first time trial where other people before me did it almost 2-3 time before they pass...

I did asked mamat to joined me to the car showroom....We went after office hour...fortunately, Umi suddenly went to my place and give me the salary certificate..he he he....I'm quite happy because after my complained, I got it on the spot...he he..thank you you..

After visited the showroom, we went to the Mall of Emirates, suddenly I decided to cut my hair....Mamat was not happy and advised me to keep it but I just ignored him...after that..we went to Japengo and had our dinner...

Its me with my new haircut

Mamat had salads only for his dinner

and I had chicken noodles

with sushi......he he

After dinner, Mamat done some shopping and I went to virgin and as usual..grab a few DVDs...we went home around 11.00 pm....I reached my house at 11.30 pm...feed my kittens, clean up their mess, thinking of someone and then I sleep..
until next post...

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