Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tuesday....calm and peaceful summer

I start my day early, woke up around 6.15 am, had my bath and prepared myself to the office. I reached my office around 7.10 am in the morning. I start my pc and do my work. After that, I went to Chelsea Garden to have my breakfast.
I went upstairs and continue my work again…I’m working with Jun, a Director from Singapore branch offices to develop the resort design. Sharing a sample images from case studies and try to implement it to our design….I work until lunch then I went out to KFC with Saidatul. Some snap of us….

our lunch


And me..
After lunch, mamat always came to my place and released his stress by teasing other people...this time..everybody took revenge on him...ha ha...
After finish my work around 6.30 pm, I went to Dragon Mart with Saidataul and Rizal to buy new painting for my house...after that, we had dinner at the chinese restaurant...and we had

chili's prawns

steam fish..

all of our dishes

a snap photo of me

After that, we went home...I watched movie Head over Hills and then went to sleep....in the afternoon, I just received a few chat from someone who doesn't want to revealed his or her name, please don't judge people that you know before and pull all the anger here in my blogs...Just take that as a faith which had been determine by Allah...all of us want happiness and happy life...so do me...

until next post

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