Saturday, August 9, 2008

Saturday as a half day working..

I woke up late today, around 10.30, had my bath, clean my room and went to DIVA to wash my hair. I’ve ordered pizza for my lunch and went to office by taxi. I straightly went to Starbucks and accidently meet Reen and Mamat there. We had chit chatting and gossip until 1.50 and went up to office.
I don’t have a rush thing to do today, updating the design of my project according to the information given by the consultants and discussed it with my draughtsman’s. I just got an invitation to joined my friend to do a big change…but I didn’t give any confirmation yet. I’ve to discussed it with someone first….sounds interesting but need to consider a few things. For the time being I just continue my work and done my compilation for tomorrow post..its going to be an achievement day for me…….do read tomorrows post ok…he he…I went home around 6.20 with my car lift Narayan….
I done the vacuum cleaning and clean up my house….all my house mate make noise when my kittens fur flew everywhere….I’m sorry dude… After that, I went to Bro Helmi house and we make Nasi lemak as our dinner. We prepared:
chili squid...

fried chickens...

boiled eggs

sambal daging

and this is my plate..

After dinner, I just went back home and sleep.....waiting for tomorrow post...

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