Saturday, August 2, 2008

what a dizzy saturday

I woke up early today around 7.00 am, feed my kittens and then I watch DVD, Ocean Eleven. Around 9.00 am, I sleep for 1 hour. I had my bath at 10.20 am and then went to DIVA to get my hair blow dry and manicure.

After the treatment, I had my lunch at Pizza hut beside the saloon; I’ve ordered chicken wings and Hawaiian pizza. While waiting for the food, suddenly I got call from my Design Director, Hairul Nizar asked me about the drawings because he want to go for meeting with TAK. I’m quickly had my lunch, pack and went to the office.

I just printed all the drawings that he required and then pass to him. I went back to my workspace; continue my work for the resort design until 6.00 pm. At 6.05 pm, we just get information that tomorrow would be a Design Review session with the Principle. It’s always like this….last minute called and aspect everybody to stay back…it’s unhealthy working environment and I do think that my body is almost reaching its limit…I went back home around 6.30 pm and Narayan sent me home. Saidatul followed me to my house; she borrowed some of my DVD and play with my kittens.

After that, Narayan pick us up and sent us to Emirates Tower, Saidatul want to have a window shopping before went back to the office, stay back and continue her work…It was my first time ever went to the place and there’s nothing much to explore…but the environment is quite cozy and not so much people..We just walk and had our light dinner at Starbuck….I had fresh orange with chocolate cheese cake and Saidatul had cheese chicken pie with mushroom…after dinner, we went to separate place and take a separate taxi. I just went back home and sleep.

I got a called from someone saying that somebody had say something bad behind me….I become angry and disturbed by this kind of people. A typical Malaysian and its culture that always busy body. What’s make me feel annoying is when the guy become a worst gossiper compare to women….stupid asshole…with a nice faces but had a dark hearted…

I hate this guy because he pretend to be good but if you want to know, he got scandal with a Filipino girls and always bring back to the company accommodation and doing the F***k business….bullshit… went out and drunk at the bar every night…huh…please just make sure you are right first if you want to talk about other people….just mind your own business….just for you..i just don’t give a damn……

until next post….

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