Friday, August 22, 2008

Off day on at Naif road

I went to fishing at Deira creek around 10.00 pm thursday luck for me this time because I didn't got any fish and my machine was broke...around 3.00 am in the morning, I went back home..but Yusri Irawan is the man of the night when he got a big fish...

Yusri with his catch

and he measured it with a mineral water bottle

I reached home around 4.00 am in the morning, had my bath and sleep. I woke up around 11.30 am, had my bath, prepared myself to the mosque and perform friday prayer. After that, Bro Helmi, Bro Janggut and I prepared for lunch...and today, we cook the red fish which I got last week..

we cut and clean the fish

then we prepared fish soup...

We had our lunch with plain rice, Serunding daging and omelet. After lunch, suddenly Wan Azmi called me to his house..he cook porridge and invite me to join him for lunch...even though I had my lunch already but I just go to his house and ate some of the porridge. In Wan Azmi house, I meet Rizal...Saidatul boyfriend....and we had lunch together..


my bowl of porridge

and Wan Azmi.....the chef for the lunch

After had my second lunch, I went back to Bro Helmi house and sleep for 2 hours. At 5.30 pm, I went to Naif road with Bro Janggut, Bro Azhan and Harris...we were going there to do some shopping because we want to bring back some souvenirs to our beloved peoples and friends in Malaysia.

view of the Bur Dubai boat station

another view of the boat station

this photo taken from my boat

It's me on the boat..we pay AED 1 per trip

Harris, Bro Azhan and Bro Janggut

From the boat station, we start our journey by using underpass crossing the main road..

Our first destination is the Jubah shop, I did buy 3 pairs of Jubah and Bro Azhan buy 2 for him and lots of tudung for his wife....we also bought a few celebrate this coming ramadhan..

I'm selecting the Jubah

me with new headcover

photo of us inside the Jubah shop

After that, I went to the book shop to buy Al Quran and Yassin...I'm going to learn the Quran recitation from all the brothers..

I bought Quran and rehal...

The next destination is the textiles shops...I went to Phulwani to do my Baju Melayu for this coming Aidil fitri...and I made 2 pairs of it..Bro Janggut also made one for him...the tailor said that the cloth will be ready by first week of september...then we go to the next place.. I show to all the brothers where they can buy AED 5 per yard for any textiles that they want for their family....

we at the textiles shop

After that, we went to the fruits and nuts shop...

I bought 3 kilos of nuts

We done our shopping around 8.40 pm, we took a boat ride back to Bur Dubai side and we snap our photo near the souk...the building look magnificent with some of lighting effect.

Bro Azhan. Bro Janggut and me

We stop at Karachi Dharbar restaurant and we had our dinner there..we ordered...

prawn fried rice

shrimp spring rolls

After dinner, we went to the shop next to the restaurant and look for any interesting things that can be give as a souvenirs to our friends..

It's all look good to me...
and look what did Bro Azhan bought...huh...scary

After that, we walked back to Bro Azhan house....after get rest for a while..I just went back home and sleep...It was a happy friday for me..

until next post..

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