Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tuesday...passing another day

I woke up around 6.20 am in the morning. Had my bath and prepared myself to go to work…I reached my office around 7.15 am and I saw Yunus, Hadi and Adrinfahd who still stay back and didn’t went back home yet. They rushing for submission for their resort project. I opened my pc and then I went down to had my breakfast at Starbuck’s. I’m having chicken pie with cheese and chocolate donut with vanilla frapucino…It’s quite creamy.

My Breakfast
After breakfast, I falls asleep for 20 minutes…I wake up and being blur for quite a while…then quickly ran to my office..I swipe my Identity card at 8.45 am..I quite free for today..nothing rush…I just help Hadi and Adrinfahd combined his brochure and then They went back home after stay back for the whole night…I done my work until lunch time..sms a few friends and my brother then I had my lunch..Bihun goreng….
After that, again I sleep for 35 minutes. At 2 pm, I start doing my work again….around 4.30, suddenly I got called from my Design Director, Hairul Nizar to go to his place and he instructing me to redesign the housing layout. I take all his comments and done the work before I went back. I promised to Bro Yani to company him to the mall of Emirates. He want to buy his sport shoes…
We went to Mall of the Emirates and reached there around 6.50 pm, we bought movie because I want to watch WANTED played by Angelina Jolie....the movie start at 9.30 pm...and I do some shopping before the movie...
I bought another teddy cat...this is the small one

and this is the big one

After had our dinner at Japengo, we watched the movie...it was a great movie ever and you should watch it..I'll be watching it for the second time with my other brother...we went back around 11.30 pm, played with my kitten and went to the bed

While preparing for my bed time, I read one of the poem which I do think it’s reflecting my condition and situation now..it’s was written by Cody Charette…short but meaningful for me…

love, embrace it with arms wide shut

i want love
i need love
i need it bad
it keeps me in check
love comes and goes
i can’t keep it in check
i want true love but only find lust
what does love have in store for all of us?
i spend my days cold and quiet
i cry in my sleep
as i think of the things I’d like
love has me in snared
its giant woven web
love will be the reason
i wind up living like I’m dead
one love
on truth
can you handle it?
I'm really miss someone but I think that I should give him some space...
until next post..

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