Monday, August 18, 2008

A day of Glory and victory..

I start my day early..I woke up around 6.05 am in the morning. Had my bath and then prepared myself to a battle…I took half day in the morning and went to Al Qusais to get my driving lisence.

I reached Galadari Al-Qusais around 7.20 am in the morning. I stand in front of the data entry room…to get my document where yesterday I didn’t get it at all…The stupid RTA staff came around 8.30 am in the morning where they should start their work at 8.00 am. I just wasted 1 hour standing there just to wait them to come.

For your information, I just got my documents around 10.00 am which after 3 and half hours standing outside the room. After got my documents, I proceed to the next room which the placed that issuing the license card..and at last..this is my driving license. I just know that this lisence is valid for 10 malaysia..we have to renew it every year...

It was suffering to get this license card in Dubai

After everything done, I took a taxi and went to the office. I reached the office around 11.20 am and start doing my work...Fadzil asked me to follow him to Mercato, he want to select present to his wife..Siti fairus...I went with the mean time, I'm creating a birthday card to her..wishing her on her birthday....

Happy birthday to Siti Fairus......26th right?? ha ha..oppss..I'm revealed your age...ha ha

We had our lunch at McDonalds and Razali had KFC....

Its compilation of my foods and Fadzil

Photo of me..

and I bought something for Fairus as a present

I went back to the office around 2.15 pm...have discussion with my new partner for a resort 3.00 until 5.00 pm, I got a meeting with an engineer on my residential project. After the meeting, again I created a card for my friend, Victor Lee Su Tuan, Project Leader for Interior who now locate in the same department XEDL..

I 'm prepared for the flour and give to Lay Teng for the birthday boy surprise later...after that, I just went back home..don't know what happened to him...hope that nothing bad he got on his birthday..he he he..

I went back home, had my bath and feed my kittens, after that, I went to Burjuman Mall to had dinner...along spend my time there, I manage to capture a bubble motion event show in the concourse..

I'm amazed with the bubbles

it was a giant bubble

another action of her with the bubbles

and after that, there were also a clown parade..

After watched all the sudden events, suddenly I'm thinking of taking away my dinner, I went to Yo Sushi and as you can see was my dinner for tonite..

After updating my blog, I switched off my lattop and sleep...

until next post

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