Monday, August 11, 2008

Malays would be malays...can't change them forever

I woke up late today, I'm taking half day mc in the morning. I'm feeling very sick and almost 5 minute I went to toilet for vomitting.....I sleep back and woke up around 11.45 am. I take a taxi to the office and reached there around 12.30 pm.

I ate my lunch which I've ordered from Kak Julia....spicy squids with plain's hot...After lunch, I just continue my works until end of the day....My boss came and give me one week dateline for my new project...huh...I'm trying my best sir...he he..

After that I went home with Narayan as usual, I called someone...then his complaining about the current situation....malays was always malays....they just bring their culture anywhere they go...always had a busy body...jealousy and back bitting each other....I'm pissed off with this kind of people....fuck them all...

I'm stressed for a while..then I called hadie to joined me for movie....I'm took a taxi and pick up Hadie at the office then we went to The Mall of The Emirates...again I watched for the second time..Mummy 3: Tomb of the Jade Emperor.....while waiting for our show, I've done some shopping and had our dinner at Chili's..

Hadie had Trio Fajitas

Apple pie as my deserts

and Grilled flame rib eye as my main course

and I ate this to release my tension
The movie start at 9.15 pm and ends around 11.05 pm....we took a taxi and went back home....
I reached my home and had a chit chatting with the Lawyer of the company...who else if not the morning..I'm pissed off with the assistant HR manager who just got promoted because she didn't want to issue my salary certificate. Where I think that is my right to ask for it anytime and how many that I want...She said that she only can give everybody twice in a stupid and nonsense of that....It's quite shame when obviously she was bias with up with this girl....don't give a damm to her...
until next post....the first day of the second year is not so promising..

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