Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thursday night...Ski Dubai and fishing as usual..

I woke up quite early, 6.30 am and had my bath..I reached my office around 7.20 am...I saw a few peoples still didn't went submission that they had to prepared.. There's nothing special that I want to highlight today...

I had breakfast with the food supply by Cik Siti Fairus, Fadzil wife and Nasi Lemak from her also...Along the day, I just done my work and ignored everything.. At the evening...I snap some photos with Mamat...and show off ,a new sling bag from Marc Jacobs.....quite simple but...expensive..

Ahmad Shahril with me...

Me and mamat at the office....with my new Marc Jacobs bag

After done my work and switch off my pc, we gather at the lobby and went to The Mall of Emirates..TAK are sponsoring his staff to enter and visit the ski dubai..

me and Wan Anura

Hadie and me

after the game.....we were tired and cold

I went back home, change my cloth and went out again to go fishing at Deira. I reached there around 11.35 pm...

Azmil and Zabri, Zabri was happy because he got the big catch

Madi was pose with Bro Helmi.....

Yusri smiled with his small catch

Bro Azhan with his crab

Salahuddin with Kerapu

and I got Kaci fish

and this is all our catch for 3 hours fishing tonight

after4.00 am, we went back home and sleep...

until next post

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