Wednesday, August 27, 2008

wonderful wednesday..stupid LV merchandise

It was a wonderfull wednesday..I woke up early around 7.00 am, had my bath and prepared myself to the office. I went to the office with my housemate Reen. We reached around 8.40 am and I went to starbucks to get my breakfast.

Nothing interesting that I want to share today, I just do my work from morning until lunch time..I called my father in Kelantan to asked about the condition of my mother..I'm glad that she's in a good condition and had been released from the hospital..She had been warded in Perdana Private Hospital in Kota Bharu for 2 days...

My father bring her to do the x-ray...because she was unable to walk and suffer in pain. After the x-ray, they just realized that her bud bone were crack...that's why she can't walk for 2 weeks..huh..I wish that I'm there to be with her..I do missed her so much...only pray that I can give to her from here....

I went back home to get my lunch..I clean up my house and get rest for 30 minutes.

After lunch, I went back to my place and saw some noise. At the moment, there were Jeniffer, Yunus, Lay Teng and Andri were discussing on collaboration between planning department and also designer when proposing the building design. Jeniffer is the Director for planning department in TAK which previously a bos for my classmate, Maihafizah in Putrajaya Holdings.

Jennifer and yunus discussed on the related issues, Andri just listen to his boss explaination

Mr Jun came to me late evening and told me that the senior designer would take over his position where he would go back to manage Singapore office. I've been instructed to assist the senior designer in managing the resort project.

I went back home around 6.30 pm, went to pick up my friend and go back home. We cook Nasi lemak as our dinner and as usualllwe talked while had our dinner...

main dishes of the night

my plate of Nasi Lemak

After had my dinner, I went to Burjuman to find a key chain for my car key. I want to buy a Louis Vuitton key chain...when I reached the  LV store, the salesman would not allow me to get's closed already but the time was only 9.30 pm..I was so pissed off with the salesman and quite frustrated...quite annoying for a big brand that had such procedure...I would not be into the LV store Burjuman mall anymore....fuck off.

I was really frustrated, then my friend ask me to go to the other stores...nothing were impresed me ..then we get into Salvatore Ferragamo store and finally i bought the key chain.

while done the selection

me after make the payment

my car key holder

After purchasing the item, I went back home and sleep...I'm still feel unsatisfied with the stupid LV store in Burjuman...bullshit...huh...

until next post

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