Thursday, August 7, 2008

It's thursday...barbeque night and fishing again...

I wake up early today, feed my kittens and had my bath...I reach office early but I just start my pc and continue my work..I work until lunch time..and then Saidatul came and ask me to joined her for lunch..

chichen wings that I shared with Saidatul

Bly sky shagria as my drink...taste like coconut

I had lunch with Saidatul at Apple Bees, we just had chicken wings. After lunch we went upstairs and continue our work until the end of the day....My car lift Narayan pick me up at 6.30 pm from my office and send me to Bur Dubai. We had promised to grilled all the fish that we got before at the Gulf sea...I'm and Wan Azmi prepared for the dinner.

We start the ceremony with yasin recitation with ustaz Faizal as the lead Imam....the guest came at 8.40 pm, fortunately wan azmi and I manage to cook the grilled fish...we just let the fish and prawn grilled while we recite the yasin and doa...we done the ceremony because of to celebrate the month of syaaban which would be in soon..

everybody was concentrate recitation..

photo during the Yasin recitation and doa

We justgrilled from the oven..

and Wan Azmi prepared for the other menu..

we are ready to eat

all of us...

from left, fadhil, airudzi, Helmi, Salahuddin, wan azmi and ustaz Faizal

another shot during the dinner

After had the dinner, we just pack ourslef and went fishing. I don't have luck for today...but I snap the photo's of the winner..

Salahuddin got crab and Ridzwan got fish..

and the winner of the night..Bro Salahuddin with his Kerapu

I can't control myself, I'm so tired plus with the frustration because I didn't get any fish...I went home around 3.30 am and sleep. It was an enjoyable day for me....

until next post...