Friday, August 29, 2008

TGI Friday on friday...LV had been purchased..

I woke up again around 2.00 pm, after sleeping for 4 hours. I just went back from crab hunting, and sleep around 10.00 am in the morning...I missed my friday sinful

Bro Janggut and Ali Noor is the chef to cook all the crabs...they prepared chili's crabs and below is the process.. 

Ali Noor cooking the fish

fried fish and chili's crab

Ketam masak lemak cili api (chili's crabs)...

fried fish

We had our lunch at 4.00 pm...

our lunch table...

and this is my plate

After finished my lunch, I went to the DIVA to treat my hair and then I went to the mall of the Emirates with Aidit and Ren to celebrate our friends from Abu Dhabi who spend their weekend here..

me with hairstylish

We meet our friends and then we went to the Louis Vuitton because I want to buy key holder that I'm insist...lastly I bought this one...

snap of the keyholder

After made the payment, suddenly I was attracted to a sling bag which previously I want to get it the end ..I bought both sling bag and keyholder..

in front of LV mall of the emirates

After that, we went to each store because some of my friends want to buy new cloth...

action of my friends inside H & M

We had our dinner at TGI friday...well, it's friday anyway...the food came late and I got angry...after shouting at the waitress, I got my food after 1 minute

Ren, Aidit, Ard, me and Rizal

After finished our dinner, we seperate and our friends went back to Abu Dhabi...We went to the home furniture at the mall because Ren want to buy a big pillow for Farid...and we pose with the pillow..

Aidit and me

Aidit and Ren..

snap of me

I sent Ren and Aidit at the Heritage village, Shindaga because Ren want to shisha...I just sent 
them and went back home and sleep.

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DeLL PuTiT said...

how i wish i could join u there mimie... i want da food n dat LV thingy... well u knowwww.... miss ya!