Sunday, August 10, 2008

365 days in Dubai...It's my 1st year Anniversary working in UAE

I woke up quite late today…had my bath and prepared myself to the office. Today is my one year first anniversary working in Dubai….along the journey, there’s a lot of up and down which had been passed through by me….fortunately..I’m still surviving.. 

Being in extreme experimental design laboratory is a privilege for me….lots of knowledge and guidance I got from my Design Director: Hairul Nizar Tamaddun and also from Assistant Design Director: Emerrza Ahmad…they are a very talented and visionary architect….

In this post, I’m highlighting numbers of peoples that I do think giving colorful colours for my life since I’ve been joined this company in Dubai…

Mdm Ivy Ng and Mr Ar. Teo Ah Khing: The most kind hearted people that I’ve ever meet. With his knowledge and thinking, can’t be doubt that He’s capability beyond imagination. He’s graduated from Harvard University with First class honors. His wife, Mdm Ivy is the kind hearted person with full of motherly love to all her staff…

I’m trying to show all my best friend here in Dubai, but I can’t because It’s to much…so I just highlighted a few that very close to me…

5 of my housemate

Mohd Rohaizerin Rosli, my best friend ever in Dubai…we known each other for the last 10 years during our studies in international Islamic University. He’s a Lawyer for my company. He’s very straight person and like to collect all the branded things…This photo taken along our way to the office near park opposite our house.

Hairul bin Haron…a technical draughtsman for XEDL, he love to cook and he did well. Always advised me to decide certain things..This photo taken at the balcony of the office.

Kamarul Izam bin Kamar, he’s my roommate, A Clerk of Work for Civil & Structure…once he knew that he stay with me…he said that he want to go back to Malaysia….he he…am I looks terrible for everyone first impression? Ha ha ha..this photo taken at Hard Rock Dubai during one of our weekend

Ahmad Nazri b. Jaafar, he the leader for my house..we called him Abg Long, acting the second man for Meydan Grandstand Project. Previously worked with TR Hamzah and Yeang…he just bought his new red Porshe..I took his photo during our fishing trip to the Gulf sea.

Mohamed Bokhari bin Nasir, a project architect for Meydan Grandstand, he like to walk alone and be alone..even he stay in single bedroom alone…he also like cats as mine...he's an adopted father for my kitten..he he....don’t be surprised if I say he like Sarah Brightman….this photo taken at our house.

5 excellent mentor in working field....

Hairul Nizar bin Tamaddun, he’s my Design Director for my Department. He is my mentor, he’s the heart for this firm…his sketches can speak for a thousand words. Never in my one year here see him angry. His professionalism and personality makes everyone respect him. Quite tough in giving approval for my leave…..

Emerzza bin Ahmad…my Assistant Design director..he’s very good in detail design. Friendly but very strict. He’s the one who interviewed me before in Kuala Lumpur Hilton…now, he also got a hot girlfriend and a beautiful new carerra sport car cost around AED 300k…

Adzmidth Kamil bin Mohd Hashim, a senior Design Architect which the same batch with Emerzza. By this time, he is on his honeymoon with his beloved wife, Munyra Asyikin, my junior…He’s very talented and manage to design everything in short time…I respect him so much.

Umi Kalthom binti Mat daud, she’s the iron lady in my department. She’s the most creative architect, graphic designers and she is multi task. She can do everything and delivered it well. She’s also one of my best friend ever in XEDL…

Bakhtiar Amir, one of the most beloved staff in XEDL. A best student from UiTM and the cousin of my friend, Ruqayyah from VERITAS Architect. He just sleep for 5-6 hours everyday and worked 7 days a week. He done most of the masterplanning design for the office and also determine the new project…he’s the most workaholic people I’ve ever meet in my life.

5 international islamic university friends( my ex unimate):

Ahmad Sharil b Abdul Shukor.He’s same age with me…from Kg Santan, Perlis Indera Kayangan, he just came last month..a happy go lucky people and same character as me. This photo taken at the balcony of office lobby.

Abdul Hadi b Hj Abdul Rashid..he also just joined this firm last 2 month..quite energetic and workaholic..originally from Kuala Berang, Terengganu Darul Iman. Previouly worked with Hijjas kasturi....

Fuadah Nazri Binti Abdul Rahman, she’s my junior one year. A best student overall and the gold medalist for 21st IIUM convocation. She had put the high bench mark in this firm. She now becomes the Personal Project Assistant for our Big Boss Ar. Teo Ah Khing. You go girl…

Munyra Asyikin Binti Major Baharin, she’s at the same batch with Fuadah, while the time I’m writing this post, she is on her honeymoon with her husband who also working at the same department with us. Their love story was in my pocket…ha ha ha

Adrinfahd bin Adnan, he’s my 3 years junior…had a bright talented beyond his age and promising future to be…sometimes people don’t believe that he’s still young..purposely give his photo in color pencil stroke so that people don’t recognized him….a charm guy who I don’t know whether still available or not…but you give a try…ha ha ha

5 best friends:

Wan Anura binti Wan Abdul Aziz, a draughtsman for Landscape department, she’s open minded and very understanding…lots of my sadness and happiness I shared with her…this photo taken at Library of Alexandria University during our trip to Egypt last March.

Azhan bin Mohd Noor, a design engineer who was born in kedah…A very humble person and father for 2 children. Always giving me good advised. He can recite Al Quran in very holistic voice…I admired him for that…Photo taken during our bowling tournament last June.

Mohamed Ridzwan bin Omar, this guy is a Landscape Architect, originally from kedah…one of friend that can stay with all my mood and behavior…he he…just get married last 2 month…this photo taken during last annual dinner.

Fadzil and family, Fairus and their daughter Fatini…this family are very close to me..always bring me everywhere they go..Fairus love cooking and it’s all delicious and marvelous. This photo taken during our picnic at Green Mubazzarah, Al Ain.

Saidatul Haziah binti Ramli, She's the youngest Design Architect from my department. This sweet and petite little girl always be my company for lunch. She also a best student from Uitm. Originally from Kemaman, Terengganu.

That’s all about what I want to describe about the day…I went to French Connection to had our lunch with Saidatul. We had tomato soup and bread. After that I bought another chocolate cake. Bring to my office, cut it and passed around to all my friend…I celebrate my one year service in Dubai.

my anniversary cake

at my work space

I went home with Narayan. After had my bath, I went out to Bro Helmi house in Bur Dubai…we prepared chicken rice for dinner.

After dinner, I went home and sleep. Syukur Alhamdulillah with his, I’m still surviving here. Thanks for all my beloved friends and people who always supporting me. May Allah bless you always…

until next post


Khairiah M said...

I was browsing the net, trying to get in touch with our old friends which we lost contact some years ago.
Get to your website via goggle and know all three of them! Would it be possible for you to get Adzmith Kamil, Hairul Nizar and Emerzza to contact me? Me and my hubby(Sepux & Kay) is a friend with them all.Please send our salam to them and send our congratulations to Adzmith Kamil for his wedding!
My email

Many thanks for your help.

Salam Ramadhan & Eid Mubarak to you.

waqar said...

Hi All,

It was nice to see again united as before. hope every1 is fine and having good time

Keep in touch

Waqar Mehmood