Tuesday, September 30, 2008

1st day in United Kingdom

After flying for 7 and half hours from Dubai to Heathrow, I reached United Kingdom at 7.20 am in the morning local time...done the immigration and took my luggages, Im heading to the bus station to get a bus from Heathrow to Oxf0rd. I took a bus ride with my friend Ali Noor Azhar for another 1 and half hour.

photo of me at Heathrow airport

at the travelator at the airport

We took Oxford Tube bus and reached Oxford Brooks University station around 10.00 am in the morning. The temperature here were around 12 degree. Its quite cold and windy... My friend Shahrul Yani can't meet me because she got classes, but her husband picked us from the bus station and bring to their house.

After get rest for a while, we went to nearby town, Headington to get our lunch while waiting for Yani finished her class. Unfortunately, Yani can't bring us anywhere because she got a site visit...lastly we decided to go to London by ourself.

photo of me at Headington

having lunch at Starbuck
We took a bus ride to central London and reached there at 3.00 pm.....as arrived, straightly took photos with a background of certain London famous buildings..we done our sight seeing for the whole day.
me with decorative shopping mall as background

another building as the background

me with Big Ben

river Thames and Eye of London

me with Eye of London

inside the Eye with London city as background

Ali Noor Azhar and me
We took a cruise tour the river Thames for 1 hour and we discover lots of beautiful scenery along the way...

inside the boat

me with London Bridge which was not falling down

Norman Foster architect's building as background
After done our sight seeing, we went to the next destination....I want to buy Hard rock cafe tshirt and we used London underground to our destination.

at the underground station

in front of Hard Rock cafe store

in front of Hard Rock Cafe

We were hungry and tired... we went to Aberdeen steak house to get our dinner....it stated that it was the best steak in town...anyway...the taste and serviced was just nice.
me with my dinner..rib eye steak

with the interior of the restaurant
After dinner, we done our sight seeing again and went to Oxford street in central london...unfortunately all the shop was closed...lastly we decided to go back home...we took a bus to Oxford brook and reached Yani's house after 1 and half hour...it was a tiring day for me but I enjoyed the trip....
Yani and Syazleen (Abe) were preparing food for tomorrow Hari Raya....they were cooking for pot luck together with the rest of Malaysian students and family....
until next day....

Monday, September 29, 2008

Working, packing and Flying

I went to the office quite late..reached my work place at 9.05 am in the morning....there's hari raya songs played every corner at the office and peoples here somehow doesn't have energy to to works...all our minds were flying away to our hometown and family...

Until today, our company didn't announced how long the day off during Eid Fitri in Dubai office and left all of the staff suspicious and blur...we aspected that the management should be more sensitive against their workers right and Dubai law. Showing now that when more people came to work with my company..there were no more cookies give for each staff during Hari Raya and they just provide some dates to be shared....what a pity...

During my break, I just went to the petrol station across my building to do my car wash and it tooks 40 minutes to complete.. 

waiting for my car to be wash

After end of the day, I went to see everyone to shake hands and seek for forgiveness..Yunus was runaway from me and went to the other room. He wants all of his elder brother to witness our shake hands and apologies ceremony.

I don't have idea on what to eat for Iftar....lastly I decided to go to Dubai Festival city with Sairie and Farah....we went for window shopping and went to Thai Kitchen for dinner and iftar...the food was not so good and the price was just ok....we were quite unhappy and tired..

I sent Sairie to Wafi city and Farah to her house..then I went back home.

our dinner, prawns fried rice with chicken and omelet

this was my plate..with smiling bear icecream

interior of the restaurant as the background

I went home and pack all my things...i would be flying to London and celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri with my adopted sister...she's doing her Phd in architecture at Oxford Brooks University...After done my packing and had my bath..straightly dress and went to DIVA to do my hair treatment...

I went to the airport around 11.00 pm, sent by Iza, my friend in Jumeirah 1 and waiting for departure at 2.30 am.....until next post..

London....here I come..

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Silence sunday....sending peoples, kittens and get rest

I went to the office quite early, around 8.00 am I already reached sheikh zayed road...during the traffic which moved slowly, I snap a photo of a banner...Eid Fitri promo along the highway.
Sorry to Bro Yani, Romzi and Munawir because I left them...I was quite early today...

Eid Fitri banner along Sheikh Zayed road

I'm helping the resort group to complete their preparation for presentation to the clients by noon. Put on slides and print out the drawings..After that we rest for a while and waiting for the comments from clients and big boss...at the time...I just snap a few photos.

photo of me with Bro Munawir and Bro Roslie at my workspace

Siti Arbaiya, Bro Romzi, Bro Roslie, Lim, Bro Yani and Bro Munawir

It was sad when we can't celebrate the Eid Fitri with our beloved family...but this were the price that they had to pay here....may loved to their family would be more tighten...closed in heart even though far in reality.

Adrinfard, hadie and Mamat

After the meeting with consultants and everybody, Yunus had organized a small discussion among group members to discuss the direction of the project. He would flying back to celebrate Eid fitri with his family in Bongek, a district in Negeri Sembilan...after keeping more than 35 days of his annual leave...he went back home for 11 days vacation. I would missed him for a while..don't have people to argue for 11 days..

Yunus would flying back to Malaysia..tomorrow night

After working hours completed, I went home to take my room mate, Kamarul and sent him to the airport. Then I drove again to the headquarters to picked up Kamil and Munyra...they were also flying back to malaysia today by using Singapore airlines...

After sending them at the airport, I then bring Kamarul to Choc and Nuts famous shop in Deira. Its located behind the Riveria hotel opposite the Dubai creek. We had our iftar at Mc Donalds and then we went to the shop and done some shopping.

me with the owner of the shop..Mr Jaafar

and he bought this much...he he

After done shopping nuts and chocolate, I went to terminal 1, Dubai airport to sent Kamarul..We reached there at 8.07 pm, shaked hands and I just left him alone..he would be check in by 8.30 pm..

photo of Kamarul with his luggage

After sending Kamarul to the airport, I went back to my house to packed my kittens and sent them to their new adopted parents in New Gold Souk..Ali was hlping me bring all their things....Mem Aluya was willing to take care of them while I'm not around... Thank you so much sister....

I reached her apartment around 8.00 pm and she was alone at the living where as Bamin, her husband was sleeping already...he was too tired. When I released combi and bidi to the new house...they were walking aroundand didn't stop smelling...every single things...try to be comfortable in the new environment maybe...

Combi and Bidi would stay with new stepmother for a while...

Mem Aluya and me....with Combi and Bidi

After done some gossiping and drinks lots of coffee, I asked permission from Kak Laila Dewi (mem Aluya) to went off. I want to go to Diva to do my hair treatment and manicure...I just kissed my kittens and went to satwa.....I would missed my kittens for a while.....

There's a lots of lighting decoration celebrating Eid Fitri here in dubai..more or less, its remind me on Malam 7 likur...full of lantern and colourful lamps surrounding my house in the village...it had been a memory for me now...Until one day...it would be lighten up again....straightly I listen to Ziana Zain songs duet with Awie...Halaman Asmara....in my car...

Light decoration at Satwa roundabout

As I said before, we want to go to DIVA, unfortunately the road in satwa roundabout was closed and we can't get in...I change my plan and heading to Dubai Festival city. We had out late supper at Japengo cafe at 11.30 pm...

Ali ordered fish and chips and I had sushi with chicken noodles. We ate until 12.30 and went back home...It was a tiring day for me..and my life was being more quite and lonely...everybody that I loved went back for Hari Raya....

I do hope that tomorrow would be a happy day for me....with the remaining friends that I still got here...a last day of Ramadan would be a memorable day of the year 2008.

until next post

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Iftar with friends...went to Naif at night

I went to the office with no moods...its like nobody focus to do their works and Hari Raya just around the corner...Our firm still didn't announce the days off for Hari raya and we were expecting it like hell.

I called my friends in Malaysia and everyone was heading back to their hometown...most of them had reached their home town already...and I have to be here alone and sad thinking about all the happiness in my hometown.

I called my house in the village, suddenly, the voice who I don't want to listen for the past 6 year answered my call. I was speechless and don't know what to say..I hate her for all what she done but deep in my heart..I missed her also..my Lawyer aunty....who is a millionaire now... everyone in my family members had reached my house in the village and there were happy gather as one whole family...

I can't describe on the moments which just occur...I felt stress, angry, and everything...may be Allah want to show something...but may be it would be determined later..Eventhough my beloved grandmother was critically ill, I'm happy when there's a lot of people surround her and I do hope it would cure her a little bit...I'm sorry for not going back so soon to celebrate it with you MAK..please forgive me...

Jamel had called me asked for helped...He just wake me up from all my dreams and sadness  momentoes... He want to moved all his belongings to his new house in Al safa. My company had allocated a house for husband and wife who worked together..furthermore, he is one of TAK favourite staff...that's why he got more advantages...but I don't bother at all.

I took Jamel at his house around 4.30 pm and bring all his things to his new house at Al Safa area. Along the way, I picked up Kamil and Munyra..we were going to had our iftar together.Along our way to Al Safa, suddenly, I look at the advertisement of krispy cream doughnut...so tempting until I went off to the shop and bought a box of 12...Munyra also did the same...

me and munyra at Krispy cream shop

After sending Jamel things at his new house at Al safa, we then continue our journey for iftar to Thai Kitchen, Musalla tower....We ordered 2 tomyam, 3 fish, prawn and plain rice which cost us the total of AED 206 for 4 people.....quite reasonable...

Jamel and me

While eating, we called our friends who works with us here that had went back for Hari raya in Kuala Lumpur, Reen, Fared, Wani and others was shisha at Bingtang walk...Lecka2 cafe, addicted to shisha until can't be miss out eventhough they went back to KL. 

eating foods at Thai Kitchen

After sending Jamel back to his house, Munyra and Kamil to Burjuman, I went back home to take Kamarul, my housemate...I promised to him to bring to shopping at Naif road...He want to buy textiles to make Baju Kurung for his wife, mother and others...

I'm also went there to create my sampin for my Baju Melayu..I bought the songket from Phulwani..cost me AED 55 per yards and then bring to my tailor shop nearby...Kamarul was complaining that he was hungry and did'nt ate anything yet..we went to Visitor restaurant to had dinner...it was for the second time for me...

After done eating, we start our shopping spree at naif by went to the textiles shop near to the old naif souk, which was burned before....Kamarul bought more than 5 pieces and it's difficult to find a design according his taste...he he...we done our shopping, then I went back to my tailor shop to take my sampin.....unfortunately..it was not ready yet.. 

in front of Babu's shop..my tailor

photo of me with my tailor..Mr Sharif

After waiting for half an hour, my tailor, Sharif had completed my Sampin....he charge me aed 20 per piece...Its almost 11.40 pm at night and road at Naif was crowded as usual...I sent my housemate Kamarul back to our house...then I pick up Munyra and Kamil at the Bank street.

My last activity of the day was helping both of them moved Munyra belonging from her previous house at Art 3 building to Sheikh Essa tower...her husband house...we completed done our jobs around 1.20 pm..I went back home...updated my blogs and sleep.

until next post

Friday, September 26, 2008

Day trip to Abu Dhabi...

It was friday, and its an off day for us...I woke up around 12.00 pm and dress up to friday prayer. After that, I just clean up my room and checking my mails.

I got sms and phone call from my best friend Ridzwan who just came back from Malaysia, he brought my things that I'm ordered from Imelda Maya Haris, my best friend in malaysia..she bought me Songkok for hari raya, and my 1/3 part of Kek Lapis Sarawak...I've ordered 19 piece of cake and received 8 piece for now.

I went to Ridzwan house at Sterling apartment, at the same time, I want to pay zakat fitrah to Ustaz Faizal, Ridzwan housemate. I went to his house with Ali Noor because he want to pay zakat fitrah also.

Ali Noor and me..paying zakat fitrah to Ustaz Faizal from Landscape department

with things that Imelda bought for me...thanks so much my dear..

I'm suppose to had my iftar with Auntie Hamisiah but unfortunately they got other plans. After thinking a few minutes, I then decided to had Iftar with Marinna and Tinting at Abu Dhabi.. I went to Abu Dhabi with Harris, Razak and Ali Noor...we went around 3.00 pm from dubai and reached Abu Dhabi at 4.20 pm.

We decided to go to the 3rd biggest mosque in the world and located at Abu Dhabi..it was not really completed yet..but obviously it had made a statement...with its luxury and beautiful monumental decorations...I can say that it is one of the most beautiful mosque ever on earth..Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan Mosque...

me with Sultan Al Nahyan mosque as a background

Bro Razak, Ali Noor Azhar and me

at the side view of the mosque

me with one of the chandelier..cry to look at the luxury

the most beautiful chandelier at the center of the great hall

view of the chandelier from below

in front of the entrance to the hall

at the wall of ablution area

at the ablution area

me with one of the minaret

After perform our Asar prayer, we rushing to go and get our Iftar at Marina mall....we reached there around 6.10 pm and try to find the restaurant....I was quite pissed off with almost all the restaurant because they just served the food after 7.30...not like Dubai where we can had our food been prepared before iftar....

I had a stupid quarrel with the staff of Gloria jeans coffee because all the Kabayan don't want to served my drinks during the iftar time..I'm screaming to them and want to talked to the manager...too stupid when the manager just stay quite at the corner....I just pay for the drinks and went to Fuddruckers to had our dinner.

Tinting was coming late and she had problems with her tummy...food poisoning maybe..but Arin just came at the correct moments

Tinting, Marina, me and Ali

Tinting, Marina, me, Ali noor and Bro Razak

After had our dinner, we went to IKEA and bought some stuff..suddenly I got problems with my tummy too...almost 2 times to toilet..huh...tiring...after that we continue our journey to corniche and had our leisure at the beach...

below of the tent at the beach

with jet ski and Marina mall as background

on the grass by the beach...Ali, Marina, me and Tinting

Ali Noor, Arin, Razak, Harris and Tinting

After sending the girls to their home, we continue our journey back to Dubai at 10.30 pm...and reached Dubai around 11.45 pm...It was a happy visit and a warm meeting with friends.....

until next post