Saturday, August 23, 2008

Saturday...half day as usual...

I woke up around 7.00 am in the morning..had a conversation using yahoo mesengger with Ayu and Mat shan, my exunimate and also my previous volleyball playermate....They are having a baby boy and a happy life now...after a while...I continue to sleep....

I woke up for the second time around 11.30 am, had my bath and prepared myself to go out..I came late to the office because i've to settle down the documents and all the related thing regarding purchasing of my new car.

After completing all the task, I just went to my office and do my work...It was a half day and at 6.30 pm, I went back home. Ali, my friend who just came back from Malaysia called me and we had our dinner together at Chili's. We talked about his experience back to celebrate his brother wedding in terengganu and all the new things happened in Malaysia.

We ordered..

Peach hills as my drinks

Ali had Bacon Burger

and I had Flame grilled ribeye
After dinner, Ali went to my house because he want to see my kittens and had a photo with them...
It's Ali with Bidi and Combi

and photo of me with my new painting
After that, my carlift took me and sent Ali to his house and then sent me to my office to do my work....overtime...he he...nothing much that I want to share today...I missed someone and also all my friends..I hope all of you are fine there with Allah swt bless and happy living....
until next post..

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