Tuesday, September 30, 2008

1st day in United Kingdom

After flying for 7 and half hours from Dubai to Heathrow, I reached United Kingdom at 7.20 am in the morning local time...done the immigration and took my luggages, Im heading to the bus station to get a bus from Heathrow to Oxf0rd. I took a bus ride with my friend Ali Noor Azhar for another 1 and half hour.

photo of me at Heathrow airport

at the travelator at the airport

We took Oxford Tube bus and reached Oxford Brooks University station around 10.00 am in the morning. The temperature here were around 12 degree. Its quite cold and windy... My friend Shahrul Yani can't meet me because she got classes, but her husband picked us from the bus station and bring to their house.

After get rest for a while, we went to nearby town, Headington to get our lunch while waiting for Yani finished her class. Unfortunately, Yani can't bring us anywhere because she got a site visit...lastly we decided to go to London by ourself.

photo of me at Headington

having lunch at Starbuck
We took a bus ride to central London and reached there at 3.00 pm.....as arrived, straightly took photos with a background of certain London famous buildings..we done our sight seeing for the whole day.
me with decorative shopping mall as background

another building as the background

me with Big Ben

river Thames and Eye of London

me with Eye of London

inside the Eye with London city as background

Ali Noor Azhar and me
We took a cruise tour the river Thames for 1 hour and we discover lots of beautiful scenery along the way...

inside the boat

me with London Bridge which was not falling down

Norman Foster architect's building as background
After done our sight seeing, we went to the next destination....I want to buy Hard rock cafe tshirt and we used London underground to our destination.

at the underground station

in front of Hard Rock cafe store

in front of Hard Rock Cafe

We were hungry and tired... we went to Aberdeen steak house to get our dinner....it stated that it was the best steak in town...anyway...the taste and serviced was just nice.
me with my dinner..rib eye steak

with the interior of the restaurant
After dinner, we done our sight seeing again and went to Oxford street in central london...unfortunately all the shop was closed...lastly we decided to go back home...we took a bus to Oxford brook and reached Yani's house after 1 and half hour...it was a tiring day for me but I enjoyed the trip....
Yani and Syazleen (Abe) were preparing food for tomorrow Hari Raya....they were cooking for pot luck together with the rest of Malaysian students and family....
until next day....

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