Friday, September 12, 2008

UAE Bazaar Ramadan on Friday...12th ramadan

I went to fishing at Deira creek around 12.30 am and went back home at 3.30 am..prepared for the sahur menu and we ate fried prawns with beef soup and fried tauhu...After subuh prayer, I sleep until 10.00 am.

our sahur menu..

When I woke up, I saw Bro Janggut already done his food mixing and he start cooking for his cucur. At the mean time, I just done my packaging for my bihun sup and cream caramel.

we are busy doing the packing

Ali was unhappy with the condition of the kitchen, he was not satisfied with someone and revealed his anger. He was not in a good mood..I don't dare to asked him anything. I just continue doing my work and leave the house at 3.00 pm.

I park my car at the basement because it's easy for the movement of the foods and all stuff. When I want to get out from the basement, there's a small corner that I can't budget to do the turning and ended by I'm hitting the wall.....below is the first scratch that I got....huh

my first scratch for my beloved car

We reached the house of the General Consulate of Malaysia around 3.30 pm, setting out our tent and open our table. The crowds was already there and start done their shooping by the time I reached the place.

the house for Malaysian General Consulate in Al Barsha 

me with the crowds of UAE Bazaar Ramadan

this is our stall

I meet aunty Hamisiah, Dell auntie with her daugther Iza and husband Benjamin. Iza had a new a japanese girl...I like it....

Iza in brown shirt with Benjamin in blue shirt

The crowds today was not so much, with lots of new stalls opened, We can't finished all the food which we sold to the buyer...maybe our menu was not attractive enough. At 5.30 pm , slowly we pack our things and ready to go back home.

Bro Azhan and me....ready to pack and went home

we done the packing and closed our stall

We went home around 5.55 pm from the Bazaar area and reached home at 6.20pm. Ali had cooked honey fried chicken, chilis prawns and fried prawns.....we had lots of foods...we also ate our stuff which were not sold at the Bazaar. 

We had our Iftar with lots of foods...

After Iftar and maghrib prayer, I had my bath and then I was collapse and falls asleep until 10.40 pm..After that, I woke up and had bihun sup as my supper with cream caramel....I just updating my blogs and then continue sleeping..

There must be an understanding between all people which closed to us and try to tolerate and negotiating to built up the relation and live in harmony..We are human and we try to satisfied everybody....please forgive and don't keep it in heart on what peoples done to us because it would be a test from Allah to challenge our passion in life.

I tried to understand what is life and what can satisfied and make me happy. It was not easy..only guide and direction from the elderly can make our path clear and Allah swt is the one who can give what we wants...thanks to all my friends who would be with me..I'm appreciate it so much...for those who love me...thanks for everythings..thanks for brighten up my live and give all the supports for me to continue my journey in life..

until next post


Kakak Tiri said...

Ni apsal titiba mentel pulak ni? Woke up on the wrong side of the bed?

Anyway Mie, I curik gambar you sekeping and link blog you kat entry I. I hope it's ok. Lemme know if youre uncomfortable taw.

I'm sorry that you all didnt finish the food. I hope tak banyak sangat berlebih. Tak pe lah na, adat berniaga. Ada hari bukan rezeki kita.

Okay darling. Tamo sedey.

Thank you for the meehoon sup. Nyaman kata Bamin.

Kakak Tiri said...

Eh darling, akak copy 2 kepin gambars.

Mrase laaa...

eiM Harris said...

la.. pesal gloomy ni..
u know i'm always ur support pillars.. anything.. anytime..

p.s: i wish you enough..
p.p.s: and yea.. i cherish you..