Saturday, September 27, 2008

Iftar with friends...went to Naif at night

I went to the office with no moods...its like nobody focus to do their works and Hari Raya just around the corner...Our firm still didn't announce the days off for Hari raya and we were expecting it like hell.

I called my friends in Malaysia and everyone was heading back to their hometown...most of them had reached their home town already...and I have to be here alone and sad thinking about all the happiness in my hometown.

I called my house in the village, suddenly, the voice who I don't want to listen for the past 6 year answered my call. I was speechless and don't know what to say..I hate her for all what she done but deep in my heart..I missed her Lawyer aunty....who is a millionaire now... everyone in my family members had reached my house in the village and there were happy gather as one whole family...

I can't describe on the moments which just occur...I felt stress, angry, and everything...may be Allah want to show something...but may be it would be determined later..Eventhough my beloved grandmother was critically ill, I'm happy when there's a lot of people surround her and I do hope it would cure her a little bit...I'm sorry for not going back so soon to celebrate it with you MAK..please forgive me...

Jamel had called me asked for helped...He just wake me up from all my dreams and sadness  momentoes... He want to moved all his belongings to his new house in Al safa. My company had allocated a house for husband and wife who worked together..furthermore, he is one of TAK favourite staff...that's why he got more advantages...but I don't bother at all.

I took Jamel at his house around 4.30 pm and bring all his things to his new house at Al Safa area. Along the way, I picked up Kamil and Munyra..we were going to had our iftar together.Along our way to Al Safa, suddenly, I look at the advertisement of krispy cream tempting until I went off to the shop and bought a box of 12...Munyra also did the same...

me and munyra at Krispy cream shop

After sending Jamel things at his new house at Al safa, we then continue our journey for iftar to Thai Kitchen, Musalla tower....We ordered 2 tomyam, 3 fish, prawn and plain rice which cost us the total of AED 206 for 4 people.....quite reasonable...

Jamel and me

While eating, we called our friends who works with us here that had went back for Hari raya in Kuala Lumpur, Reen, Fared, Wani and others was shisha at Bingtang walk...Lecka2 cafe, addicted to shisha until can't be miss out eventhough they went back to KL. 

eating foods at Thai Kitchen

After sending Jamel back to his house, Munyra and Kamil to Burjuman, I went back home to take Kamarul, my housemate...I promised to him to bring to shopping at Naif road...He want to buy textiles to make Baju Kurung for his wife, mother and others...

I'm also went there to create my sampin for my Baju Melayu..I bought the songket from Phulwani..cost me AED 55 per yards and then bring to my tailor shop nearby...Kamarul was complaining that he was hungry and did'nt ate anything yet..we went to Visitor restaurant to had was for the second time for me...

After done eating, we start our shopping spree at naif by went to the textiles shop near to the old naif souk, which was burned before....Kamarul bought more than 5 pieces and it's difficult to find a design according his taste...he he...we done our shopping, then I went back to my tailor shop to take my was not ready yet.. 

in front of Babu's tailor

photo of me with my tailor..Mr Sharif

After waiting for half an hour, my tailor, Sharif had completed my Sampin....he charge me aed 20 per piece...Its almost 11.40 pm at night and road at Naif was crowded as usual...I sent my housemate Kamarul back to our house...then I pick up Munyra and Kamil at the Bank street.

My last activity of the day was helping both of them moved Munyra belonging from her previous house at Art 3 building to Sheikh Essa tower...her husband house...we completed done our jobs around 1.20 pm..I went back home...updated my blogs and sleep.

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DeLL PuTiT said...

mimie! slamat hari raye, maaf zahir batin...

mie, kim slm kat munira. hairtu aku balik gombak umah ammilia, aku nampak door-gift kawen munyra n laki die. so aku tanye lah mak amy, die kate, ha die gi kenduri kawen munyra kat dewan felda dat day n maybe munyra nak buat kat dubai gak kan???

Khairiah M said...

Salam bro,
I was browsing the net, trying to get in touch with our old friends which we lost contact some years ago.
Get to your website via goggle and know all three of them! Would it be possible for you to get Adzmith Kamil, Hairul Nizar and Emerzza to contact me or give their email to me? My hubby and I(Sepux & Kay)would like to get in touch with them. Please send our salam to them and send our congratulations to Adzmith Kamil for his wedding!
My email

Many thanks for your help.

Salam Ramadhan & Eid Mubarak to you.