Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wednesday...presentation to his highnest

I wake up around 7.30 am in the morning, had my bath and get dress. Reen and me reached office around 8.50 am...

I saw Adrinfard, Mamat, Hadie and Yunus looks like a zombie already when they were stay back at the office for almost 3 days...never sleep. They were rushing doing the printing for the presentation boards.

I helping hadie to amend some of the presentation boards. They were working and struggling like only 4 of them working where it should be more than 10 people helping them since last night. At 1.00 pm, most of the stay back people went back home...left Adrinfard, Hadie and Yunus alone...they have to redo back some of the boards because some of the people didn't coloured and jpeg the drawings in the correct scale and size.

I went back home around 4.50 pm after do whatever I can help for them. I'm not cooking anything today, I went to citimoon and just bought 4 pieces of asam pedas fish and 4 pieces of chilis chicken. I just had my iftar with Harris and Bro Azhan where the others still not coming back from work.

After had my iftar, I went back to my house and feed my kittens. After that, I went to Diva done my hair treatment and suddenly meet Aidit outside the shop. Aidit then asking me to bring him to Mem Aluya house at the new gold souk...I went there with Mamat and Ali Noor. Her husband just came back from cairo and he got a Hari Raya cookies as a gift from his clients in Egypt. They served us all the cookies and we ate it like a Hari Raya already.

photo of me with Mem Aluya

Aidit and me ate Mem Aluya cookies

Ali Noor, Mamat and me...inside lift at Mem Aluya house

We sent aidit at Mem Aluya house because he want to take his bicycle. We left Aidit at the house and went back home..

Tomorrow is another day to go...thursday and off day...I got a big task tomorrow...I have to sent a few peoples that flying back to Malaysia for Hari raya celebration...only pray for their save journey and shared their happiness through their story later...

until next post 


DeLL PuTiT said...

mmm should i dedicate the song ZOMBIE to those peeps, esp MAMAT?! kasiannyeeee....takpe, kita kirja kirja!

rhymee suhaili said...

Mcm kenal jer konsep header tuh... :) u balik kan raya ni...