Thursday, September 4, 2008 as @ night

I start my day around 8.30 am, I'm late to the office...Slowly, I drove along sheikh zayed road and the traffic was moving slowly..I reached my office around 9.10 am....I just do my work until end of the day. I've done a poster for our booth at Bazaar ramadhan UAE and emailed to everybody.

photo along my way to the office
It just a simple day, manage to complete my work for the day and then I went back home. I pick up my brothers at the site office and go back home. We went to citimoon cafe and bought Kuih ketayap which cost me AED 40 for 16 piece.....We iftar with a simple menu, daging masak lemak, ikan bilis dan tempe bercili and fried chicken.

kuih ketayap
Aftar maghrib prayer, I went to do shopping for all stuff for making my caramel, and so on for tomorrow bazaar ramadhan. I'm done my shopping after 3 hour spent at carrefour bur Dubai, CM supermaket and Shindaga market....I snap some photo of sharks at shindaga market.
photo of sharks queuing to be sold

looks big...I don't feel like eating them..ha ha
After done my shopping, around 12.30 am, I went for fishing and went back at 3.30 am. Get my sahur and start doing my caramel..after done for 5 bowl...I went to sleep..Attached below the map to UAE ramadhan bazaar.
venue for UAE bazaar ramadan

and we sell...

until next post

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DeLL PuTiT said...

miss to go to DXB mie...
those sharks doesn't have d appetizing Xfactor to be eaten! aiyaiyai!!! takotttt!!!
i like da caramel! yummy!