Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Minor Tremors in Dubai...iftar with friends

Early in the morning around 8.30 am, after had my bath and heading to the office, there was a pest control guy whocame after Ali done a few complains to the management about his house which full of cockroaches. 

Ali, looking at the guy who done the pest control..

liquids that kill all the cockroach 

I reached my office around 9.10 am in the morning and done my work as usual. At 3.00 pm, there was a minor tremors occur in the whole was because of the earthquake in southern Iran...all of us had been ordered to vacant the buildings until it was declared save.

peoples gathered at parking lots

waiting for announcement

Jimmy, Bakhtiar, Jamel, Razali, Fadzil, Umi and me

After 30 minutes, we went back upstairs and continue our works. I asked Ninien for a restaurant which is the best for us to get good foods and different environments. She suggested me to go to Da Shi Dai in Dubai Marina...I went to the place with my friends...
me in front of the restaurant

It's me, mamat, Ali Noor Azhar and Sairie

at our dining table

at the interior of the restaurant

and this is my sinful dinner

chicken with cashew nut and steam rice

prawns with wasabe and crispy rice 

Sairie, Ali Noor Azhar and me

After iftar, we went back home....basically, but suddenly we change our mind and we then went to MERCATO shopping mall to do some window the end...Mamat bought at shirt...I just had my coffee and sight seeing.

at MERCATO shopping mall

We then heading to Shindaga market, we bought the packaging container for our Ramadan stall for this coming friday...after that, I sent everybody home and I went to do my car wash.

at car wash

another snap of me at the front view of my car

After complete my car wash, I just went home and sleep.

until next post.

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