Sunday, September 7, 2008 at sharjah souk at night

I woke up around 8.30 am in the morning, quite late, had my bath and went to the office. At the parking lot, suddenly I meet mamat, he was late too, can't get a taxi and suddenly he saw me...he went to the office with me.

I should done my car service by today but I have to wait for the queue because I have to do the booking for the service first..tidious....It just a normal day...I done my work but I went out early today..It's was really hot day and I'm not feeling well. I went back home and sleep.

As usual, I went to Ali's house in Oriental apartment and had my iftar there. After that, I went to fetch my friend, Aidit, my neighbour actually to Sharjah central souk..He want to buy a lantern for his new house in Kuala Lumpur.

I ate Roti Jala, bought from kak Julia

We went there around 8.30 pm and followed by Ali Noor and Sairie.

exterior of the sharjah central souk

interior of the central souk...

me at the lantern shop

me infront of the central souk, Sharjah

Sairie, Ali Noor Azhar and Aidit

After that, we went back home around 10.45 pm. Along the way, we were lost because this is my first time went to Sharjah, and Aidit didn't remember the way because he not wearing his contact lens and can't see the way...fortunately, after 15 minutes struggling, we manage to find our way back home.
we had a happy time and laugh together...
until next post

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عيديد said...

I tahu jalan nak pergi shopping jer.. Bila balik, barang dah dapat memang lupa diri. Sorry you ols jgn emo yer