Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Rushing for submission...Fadzil landscape involved in car accident

I woke up at 7.45 am, had my bath and get dressed. I didn’t get my sahur because lazy to wake up and get something to eat. I went to the office with Reen and reached our office at 8.50 am…I’m one of the people who became like a prisoner now….someone were watching what am I doing and what did I do….hmm..but should I bother??..

As long as I think what I’m doing is right….The whole day I’m helping Hadie done the coloring for his project.. the time passed too fast and I just do what I can…I went back home to cook for my Iftar around 4.30 pm….take my friends at the site office and went back home….We reached home at 5.20 pm….put our things and rush cooking fried chicken and omelets. My friend cook rice and the other just prepared for watermelon juice. Everything was completed after 40 minutes…

After the azan Maghrib, we had our iftar with kurma and had our dinner with plain rice with chili’s fried chicken and omelets with soy sauce.After had my bath and perform maghrib prayer, I went back to the office to continue my work which helping them….I had to do this because I want to clean up my bad record which had been mention by the Assistant HR manager….I do hope I can clean my names…

There were rumors from the site office saying that the management have short listed around 60 numbers of staff to be terminated….now the company is growing bigger and bigger and they can select the best one…..obviously who can stand with all the heaviest pressure on earth and non sympathized punishment….without considering all the strength which had put along the way…

I just got a shock news from Fadzil wife…she call me informed that her husband, Fadzil had involved in accident….Fortunately he just get a minor injured…but the car…don’t know what to say..only the photo’s below describe everything. Thanks to Allah swt that his daughther was not in the car and his 4 months pregnant wife was in the house….

Fadzil Roslan...from XEDL Landscape
knocked by the taxi driver from the back

in the middle of the road

Fadzil honda jazz on tow
Her wife informed me that Fadzil car was knocked by the Pakistani taxi driver along his way from mall of Emirates junction to sheikh zayed road….Alhamdulillah..he just doing fine…Fadzil will fly back to Malaysia for Hari Raya Aidilfitri this Friday….hope he can get the traditional medication such massage later….
At the moment of I’m writing this blogs, I’m still at the office…Just became a shadow and produce things…The spot light was already there…for the others to shine…… better..
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