Saturday, September 20, 2008

Iftar at 503 Oriental house..20th of Ramadan

I stay back at the office and helping hadie doing his work on his resort project…there’s a lot of people stay back together..I bring my own food from house which had been cooked by Bro janggut. I had fried chicken, fish curry and plain rice. I just reheat the food in the microwave.
My beloved brother, Yunus had instructed me to go to Mc Donald’s to buy meals for the rest of us who stay back…I bought the Mc D meals with Bro Yani and Mamat ant Al Wasl road Emirates gas station. We bought 9 large meals including big Mac, fillet o fish and mc chicken and I bought myself chicken nugget.

After that, we went back to the office and had our Sahur together at 3.40 am Dubai time in the morning. Mamat and Hadie ate my meals that I bring from home.

Mamat and hadie...
Bro Romzi, Yani, Yunus, Razali, Bakhtiar, Najdi and Bro Rosli…

I'm having my Sahur in front of my PC
Bro Yani just received a parcel from his wife…He’s quite touching when receiving Baju Melayu from his beloved wife…what a bright green colour…
Bro yani and his new Baju Melayu received from his wife

I went back around 7.00 am in the morning and park my car besides Umi Kalthom car…he he..white and black…reached my home and watched MEET THE PARENTS. I can’t sleep and I went to toilet for almost 16 times..I got diarrhea…I can’t control myself and then I just drink a cup of tea to release the pain. I just sleep at 11.00 am until 2.00 pm.

Umi's car is Black and my car is white

I got a phone call from Ali Noor and asked me to help him. He took half day too to settle down Yusri Indrawan problems. After discussion with his housemate, He reported to the management of my company about Yusri condition. Assistant HR manager advised that Yusri should went out without further noticed because they had reported to the Dubai law that Yusri had missing. If Yusri didn’t fly back to Malaysia now, he would have problems at the airport and may be caught by police..

I dress up and straightly went to Ali’s house. I went to Malaysia Airlines building to buy ticket for Yusri…then Ali Noor came with Yusri..he can walk with support. Unfortunately MAS need the certificate from doctor saying that Yusri can fly back by airlines with his current condition….huh…we just book the ticket first then bring Yusri to the clinic. Unfortunately the clinic closed and only opened at 5.00 pm. I drop Yusri at house and do my other works.

Its me and Yusri Indrawan

Yusri Indrawan and Ali Noor and Malaysian Airlines sales office

walking back from the MAS sales office...quite slow..pity on him
We are having kenduri today at Ali’s house…I went to Spinney’s with Ali to buy groceries. After that, I’m collected Kuih Seri Muka from Citimoon café and went back home..Kak Julia send me the corn pudding with Pengat pisang..after settle everything…we cooked and arrange the house before our guest came. At 5.20 pm, again I went out with Bro Azhan and Yusri..we bring him to the clinic to get the certificate. Yusri just asked us to leave him…we went back home and get prepared for the events.

Deserts for the day

Razak cutting the Ayam percik

Salahuddin and me...he cut the roasted Lamb

Ayam percik and fried vegetables
All the guest came around 6.15 pm, after azan, we just iftar with drinks, Kurma and kuih. Then we perform Maghrib prayer. We had Tahlil and doa Selamat with Yasin recitation. After prayer then we ate our main dinner. Wan Azmi prepared for roasted lamb and Ayam percik…

We perform Maghrib prayer after had drinks and Kurma for Iftar

then we had our main dishes...

Fadzil and wife..Fairus.... always support me
After dinner, we just perform isyak and Tarawih, then we continue eating our deserts. There’s many leftover foods because some of the guest didn’t turn out. I just packed the food and bring to the office because there’s lot of people still stay back doing work at the office.
After dinner, we perform Isyak and Tarawih together

Ali Noor and Salahuddin

Harris and me doing the packing for the guest

After sending the food. I just change my cloth and sleep. It was tiring but I’m happy because my intention to do the Doa Selamat and Yassin recitation for my mother was done well. Thank you for those who helped me to do this events and a big appreciation from me for those who came and joined the events.
Yusri did't called me or other people. He just get lost...Bro Azhan called him to asked where he now..he just said that he went to his friends house in Deira area. Yusri said that he received the certificate from doctor already and he would be fying to Malaysia by tomorrow. I had a feeling that he might not flying back. Only gods know better..But if he's too stubborn and still want to make his life in trouble...personally I would not help him again if anything bad going to happened to him...
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