Wednesday, October 1, 2008

1st Syawal in oxford...with Shahrul yani and family

I woke up early today around 6.00 am in the morning Oxford's is 1st Syawal and were celebrating Eid Fitri...eventough in Dubai we celebrate it early one day...I'm now celebrate my second 1st Syawal here in Oxford...

We went to have pot luck buffet foods and Eid Fitri solat at Wholfson College....Malaysian society here had booked a hall for us to celebrate our Festival...Yani woke up so early to prepared the foods...and I just snap a few photo's of her.

Yani woke up early in the morning to cook for pot luck

Yani's daughter..Nurul Fatihah Yasmi bt Rosly

Shahrul Yani was my school mate in University and accidently, my junior 3 years, Syazleen or we called her Abe' stayed with her and study in Oxford as well..they were sharing house with another Malaysian from Kedah..Iskandar....while waiting for everybody..again I snap photo...

Syazleen (abe'), me and the morning of 1st syawal in Oxford

Yani's friend, Khairi, which also came in oxford to company his wife doing her studies, fetch us and bring us to the event place in Wholfson college hall...He is the son of the current Mufti in Perlis.

son of current Mufti Perlis, of the member of Malaysian Oxford community

The ceremony begin with Takbir Eid fitri for 1 hours and after taht, we continue had our pot luck the mean time...again I do snap photos..

Ali Noor Azhar and me

photo of me at Wholfson college at 1st syawal

inside the hall at the Wholfson college 

pot luck foods brings by Malaysian Oxford community
photo of me with all the foods

photo with Malaysian students and family in Oxford

It's was almost 50 peoples attend the gathering...It was fun and we feel like be in our own country...the photo below is the complementary for me and my friends to show that we are happily celebrate 1st syawal here in Oxford.

Yani, her hubby Abg Li and their daugther Nurul....with me

After the events end...we went back to Yani's house and snap photo's again..

Shahrul Yani and me..with sun flower planted by her daughter.. 

me, Yani, Abg Li, Ali Noor, Hakim and Farhan behind of Yani's house in Oxford

After resting for 1 hour, we went out to spend our day at Oxford city center..along the way, I just snap photo with the signage of the University..

Signage of Yani's University..she doing her Phd in Architecture

in front of the University

We spent our day from afternoon until dark at Oxford city center..I bought a bus ticket to our next destination tomorrow and I had to wake up early....after that, I went to visit Syazleen at her part time job place at Krispy cream cafe....

Hakim, Syazleen and Syazleen part time work place

in front of Krispy cream cafe...Syazleen part time working place

me and Hakim..outside of Krispy cream cafe in Oxford town

After Syazleen finished her work...we then continue to explored Oxford town and snaps hundreds of photo..after a while..everybody was tired and went back home...

with the background of Oxford city center

in front of Christ Church...hostel now for the students..

It was a hectic for me here but it was fun and memorable experiences...

until next post..

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