Monday, September 22, 2008

A reminder from the Management...

I got a reminder from the management yesterday...It's almost spoilt my mood but I had to admit that was my fault....My annual leave have been negative 2....means that I had over used my annual leave...and the management was not happy about it...Honestly, In the past 2 month, my health condition was not so good and my mental was stress when think about my mother which still sick in my hometown.

Today, I start my day with changing the date of my annual leave..means that I cut my annual leave just to neutralized it. Thanks to my secretary Sharifah Rogayah who struggling helping me to sort out everything...I don't know who to blame but obviously..I'm guilty. 

I'm helping Hadie and Adrinfard with colouring their plans fo submission usual, fighting with Yunus...He had nobody to talk with in the room because Hadie and Adrinfard went to attend seminar at Mina As Salam from morning until end of the day.

I'm continue done my colouring and went out home when the time came...I went to pick up Ali Noor from site office..he just got a 12 kg parcel from his parents....after took him, we don't have time to cook, then we went to try an Indonesian restaurant in Karama...Mutiara Restaurant.

Front view of the restaurant

All the workers are from Indonesia and we talked in Malay language....We ordered our food and while we waiting, we had our iftar with Es soda gembira and Kurma

Kurma with Es Soda Gembira

we had Udang berselimut, Ayam masak gulai and Daging Belado..can you imagine that the total cost for this food were AED 195.00? huh..this is the first and last time we went there...

After had our dinner, we went back to my house. I sent all my dirty cloth to laundry an play with my naughty kittens...After that, I went to Ali's house and we opened up his parcel....

Ali's beloved mother had given him a Tudung Saji (food covered) and 21 boxes of kuih raya...unfortunately, 3 of the boxes was broken..but we still can ate it....we celebrate our 22nd ramadan with eating Ali's kuih raya...hahahahaha

Ali Noor Azhar with his 12.5 kg parcel

Biskut Raya that we ate earlier than Hari raya celebration

Tudung saji (food cover) that can't be found in big size

After updating my blog, I just went home and sleep....sometimes, I wish that somebody would done the same with what Ali's mom did..but it just came in my dreams...

until next post

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tunfrida said...

waa...beraya awal ngan kuih2 tu nampaknya! berapa lama dah ko kat sini Mi?
tak balik Mesia la ko tahun ni?

psssttt: you have been tagged! boleh ye? serasanya ko memang sesuai untuk jawab tag aku ni Mi, please ya.. heheh TQ!