Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thursday, work and farewell to few best friends

I woke up and went to the office around 8.45 am with Reen, Bro Yani and Bro usual, we just continue doing our pending works since yesterday. Hadie was on leave because he stay back for almost 4 days in a row....

Adrinfard basically should took his motorcycle driving test today..unfortunately he was overslept and miss the test...he should wait for a new test date..after Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebration.

As usual, Yunus was complaining about the deliverable of each team members for the current project. He almost complaining to everybody and we just listen to what he talk....let him expressed what he fell and we just follow what he asked to do.

Around 4.20 pm, I went back home and today, it is not a happy day for me...most of my best friends went back home to Malaysia to celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri with their biological family....I had a few trips to the airport and I start my first trip with sending Bro Azhan and Sohaimi.

I reached the airport around 5.40 pm, Sohaimi had to check in first because his flying with Singapore airlines and Bro Azhan check in around 7.00 pm after iftar because he's flying with Royal Brunie. We meet another peoples who flying the same day with them...lots of them basically but I just have a snap photo of Zarith with the rest.

Its me, Bro Azhan, Sohaimi and Ali Noor Azhar

Bro Azhan, Sohaimi and Zarith, Vocalist for MEGA..previously...

Bro Azhan and me

After that, I rush back to my house to pick up Reen and Bro Bokhari for the second trip to the airport. The road was quite traffic but we manage to reached there at the correct time. There's an incident for Fared where his ticket was unconfirmed...he's panic already but at last, he manage to flying off to home tonight.....a snap photo with them.. Shafiq and his sister, farah followed me to sent his uncle ren.....

Reen, me and Fared landscape

Shafiq, and his sister Farah...with their uncle..Reen

After sent Farah and Shafiq home, I went out to watch movie with Bro Yani, Kamarul, Hairul, and Azrul, 88 minutes at Mercato shopping mall, Jumeirah 1...we finished the movie around 2.30 am, then we had a night sight seeing at Burj Al Arab...

I went back home, had my sahur with eating curry maggi and pizza...updating my blogs and sleep...It was quite lonely when there's nobody that we loved be with us...hmm what a tragedy..

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