Thursday, September 11, 2008 as usual..kittens grooming and..preparation for UAE Bazaar ramadan

It's Thursday, again I'm late to the office..suddenly I got a called from mamat..he also late to work and left by his bus...then, he followed me again to the office. I'm working as usual, at 2.00 pm, I left the office head was headache and I've something to do at home..

I reached my home around 2.20 pm, went upstairs and get both of my kittens Bidi and Combi to do their grooming at petshop sheikh zayed road...I went there and they charge me AED 220 for both of my kittens. The procedure taking one hour...

Combi during her pedicure session

Bidi during his bath..

Combi having her bath...

Bidi during his blow dry

my kittens and me

Combi(grey) and Bidi(white)...after grooming

After sending my kittens home, I went to the site office to take Ali and friends, again, we had our dinner and iftar at Ali's house..he want to cook fried noodles.

we had fried mee, cooked by Ali Noor Azhar

my plate

Complete our maghrib prayer, we then moved to our next destination..Shindaga fish market...we want to buy prawns for Bro janggut cucur udang...we are going to sell it at the Ramadhan Bazaar tomorrow.

we bought prawns for cucur udang

then we bought beef for our soup

After completing our shopping spree, we went back home and start cooking...Please refer to below map for those who want to go to the UAE ramadan bazaar.

map from sheikh zayed road..

and this is what we sell...

until next post...

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Kakak Tiri said...

Alah comelnya.... white lon- haired persian.

Rindu nak belai-belai kucen.