Sunday, September 14, 2008

a normal day....14th of Ramadan

It was a normal sunday morning....I went to the office in fresh moods and mind..Yesterday, I was totally tired and exhausted like hell...seriously I don't want to sell anymore at the Malaysian UAE Ramadan Bazaar..I'm totally surrender.

I just do my work as usual, discussed with my design director...sms my beloved peoples and chatting with a few friends..Ali were mc for two days...I don't know what happened to him but I just hope that he's fine...I'm afraid that the management would take action to him after too many mc in one of luck...

After completing my work, I went to the site offices to pick up my brothers and bring them to Dubai Outlet Mall..they want to do some window shopping and search for important items...We reached there around 5.00 pm and get separated.

In front of the Dubai Outlet Mall

After one hour, we gather again at the food court..It's time for iftar and we searching for foods to eat.

We got this chocodates for free because we spent more than AED 200

I had chinese food as my Iftar

After had our iftar, we went to maghrib prayer to the nearby musalla and then went back home around 8.20 pm...After had my bath, I went out again to DIVA to do my hair treatment. Around 10.30 pm, I just cook a cream caramel for my friend and then we had keropok for our supper while watching television.

fried keropok as our supper...specially brought from Kelantan

Around 11,20, I just update my dubai diary and went to sleep...there's something I need to tell to my friend but It was not revealed yet...It is the way he manage his money..because I'm tired to lend him and since he came here...he cannot control his budget...what make me more suspicious is..his salary is double than mine but don't know where his money goes....hmm

until next post....

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ab haiqal said...

Well Done, Fahimi. Nice and enjoyable Blog. Just found it today.Convince me to work in Dubai.Mcm seronok je.