Monday, September 29, 2008

Working, packing and Flying

I went to the office quite late..reached my work place at 9.05 am in the morning....there's hari raya songs played every corner at the office and peoples here somehow doesn't have energy to to works...all our minds were flying away to our hometown and family...

Until today, our company didn't announced how long the day off during Eid Fitri in Dubai office and left all of the staff suspicious and blur...we aspected that the management should be more sensitive against their workers right and Dubai law. Showing now that when more people came to work with my company..there were no more cookies give for each staff during Hari Raya and they just provide some dates to be shared....what a pity...

During my break, I just went to the petrol station across my building to do my car wash and it tooks 40 minutes to complete.. 

waiting for my car to be wash

After end of the day, I went to see everyone to shake hands and seek for forgiveness..Yunus was runaway from me and went to the other room. He wants all of his elder brother to witness our shake hands and apologies ceremony.

I don't have idea on what to eat for Iftar....lastly I decided to go to Dubai Festival city with Sairie and Farah....we went for window shopping and went to Thai Kitchen for dinner and iftar...the food was not so good and the price was just ok....we were quite unhappy and tired..

I sent Sairie to Wafi city and Farah to her house..then I went back home.

our dinner, prawns fried rice with chicken and omelet

this was my plate..with smiling bear icecream

interior of the restaurant as the background

I went home and pack all my things...i would be flying to London and celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri with my adopted sister...she's doing her Phd in architecture at Oxford Brooks University...After done my packing and had my bath..straightly dress and went to DIVA to do my hair treatment...

I went to the airport around 11.00 pm, sent by Iza, my friend in Jumeirah 1 and waiting for departure at 2.30 am.....until next post.. I come..

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Kakak Tiri said...

Sempat lagi post entry tuh. Huh.

Mimie, enjoy your vacation.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to you.

PS - Don't worry, comel-comel berdua tu I akan jaga macam anak-anak I sendiri.