Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wednesday....another fasting day...

I went to office around 8.50 am, start my works and nothing special that I want to share. Aidit just emailed me to gather anyone who interested to joined the Malaysian UAE Society..I just emailed everybody and got a few response. I just continue my work until the end of the day.

At 4.00 pm, I went back home with Zamzuri. After that, I went to the site office to take Ali and others. I've ordered Ayam percik from Zamzuri because he just opened business during ramadhan.....After send him at his house, We went to Citimoon cafe to bought some deserts.

Kak Nurul, the new owner of Citimoon cafe

After we bought the Seri Muka kuih and other, I send my friends to their house. Then I've passed a mosque on the way and snap a few shot.

people waiting for iftar at the's a free iftar

view of iftar at the mosque..they just put the food on the plastic cover

After one hour, I went to zamzuri house to collect my ayam percik which I've ordered before...

Zamzuri and Hairulizam...preparing for their Ayam percik

Ayam percik done by Zamzuri and should try

Kuih seri muka...AED 10 per plate...from citimoon cafe

Vegetables Cucur also from Citimoo cafe..cost AED 5 

all of us during iftar

snap shot while waiting for Azan Maghrib

this is my plate..

After maghrib, again i missed my Tarawih, I promised to Aidit to bring him to Ikea because he want to buy new bed for his room...after fetch him, suddenly the plan has change and we went to the Mall of the Emirates with my housemate Reen.

They went to Home Decor and while waiting for them, I just sitting around and snap a few photo again...I'm wearing Qandora to the mall..

it's me with my new Qandora

After they done their shopping, Aidit bought me the delicious doughnut ever in the emirates..Krispy kream...

It's me and Aidit

lots of doughnut

Reen and Aidit

a box for me...

and we ate this inside my car

After done everything, we just went home and sleep...I do hope that my friends satisfied with my hospitality...I'm just a human being...

until next post

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Kakak Tiri said...

Menci taw. Kelmarin I tanya Aidid, ada Jco tak kat sini... sebab I nak makan donat... tamo Dunkin Donats... huwaaaa...

Mimie, you ada telepathy ke? Sebab you macam... can read my mind lah. Hoh!

Bulan puasa ni I pregnant sebulan. Ngidam macam-macam.