Friday, September 26, 2008

Day trip to Abu Dhabi...

It was friday, and its an off day for us...I woke up around 12.00 pm and dress up to friday prayer. After that, I just clean up my room and checking my mails.

I got sms and phone call from my best friend Ridzwan who just came back from Malaysia, he brought my things that I'm ordered from Imelda Maya Haris, my best friend in malaysia..she bought me Songkok for hari raya, and my 1/3 part of Kek Lapis Sarawak...I've ordered 19 piece of cake and received 8 piece for now.

I went to Ridzwan house at Sterling apartment, at the same time, I want to pay zakat fitrah to Ustaz Faizal, Ridzwan housemate. I went to his house with Ali Noor because he want to pay zakat fitrah also.

Ali Noor and me..paying zakat fitrah to Ustaz Faizal from Landscape department

with things that Imelda bought for me...thanks so much my dear..

I'm suppose to had my iftar with Auntie Hamisiah but unfortunately they got other plans. After thinking a few minutes, I then decided to had Iftar with Marinna and Tinting at Abu Dhabi.. I went to Abu Dhabi with Harris, Razak and Ali Noor...we went around 3.00 pm from dubai and reached Abu Dhabi at 4.20 pm.

We decided to go to the 3rd biggest mosque in the world and located at Abu was not really completed yet..but obviously it had made a statement...with its luxury and beautiful monumental decorations...I can say that it is one of the most beautiful mosque ever on earth..Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan Mosque...

me with Sultan Al Nahyan mosque as a background

Bro Razak, Ali Noor Azhar and me

at the side view of the mosque

me with one of the chandelier..cry to look at the luxury

the most beautiful chandelier at the center of the great hall

view of the chandelier from below

in front of the entrance to the hall

at the wall of ablution area

at the ablution area

me with one of the minaret

After perform our Asar prayer, we rushing to go and get our Iftar at Marina mall....we reached there around 6.10 pm and try to find the restaurant....I was quite pissed off with almost all the restaurant because they just served the food after 7.30...not like Dubai where we can had our food been prepared before iftar....

I had a stupid quarrel with the staff of Gloria jeans coffee because all the Kabayan don't want to served my drinks during the iftar time..I'm screaming to them and want to talked to the manager...too stupid when the manager just stay quite at the corner....I just pay for the drinks and went to Fuddruckers to had our dinner.

Tinting was coming late and she had problems with her poisoning maybe..but Arin just came at the correct moments

Tinting, Marina, me and Ali

Tinting, Marina, me, Ali noor and Bro Razak

After had our dinner, we went to IKEA and bought some stuff..suddenly I got problems with my tummy too...almost 2 times to toilet..huh...tiring...after that we continue our journey to corniche and had our leisure at the beach...

below of the tent at the beach

with jet ski and Marina mall as background

on the grass by the beach...Ali, Marina, me and Tinting

Ali Noor, Arin, Razak, Harris and Tinting

After sending the girls to their home, we continue our journey back to Dubai at 10.30 pm...and reached Dubai around 11.45 pm...It was a happy visit and a warm meeting with friends.....

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DeLL PuTiT said...

ko nak gak pose kat tmpt wudhuk kan! neway, it's a nice place tho...bile lah aku nak gi dubai n abu dhabi, bawak aku jejln k mie naik santa fe k!