Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Monday and tuesday....a simple fasting day

On monday, there's nothing to shared on my work routine..as usual, argued with my favourite Yunus and then I just don't bother. Went back home after 4.00 pm. 

I went to the site office and took all my brothers.. then we went to festival city and had our Iftar there.  

Decoration at Dubai Festival City with ramadan poster

We had our dinner at Fuddrucker;s the biggest burger ever in Dubai....as what you can see below..That was our dining tables.

full of foods

This is my plate

Ali and me

All of us, Bro Azhan, Bro Helmi, me, Ali Noor Azhar and Harris

After maghrib prayer, Ali and Harris went to IKEA and Bro Azhan, Bro Helmi and me went to Hyper Panda to buy our groceries. After one hour, we went to our next destination, Naif road. I went there to take my Baju Melayu which I've ordered last 2 week with my tailor..

I just spend 20 minutes there. Then we went to Gold souk because Bro Azhan want to buy golds for his beloved wife..we spend there about 2 hours and went back home. I sleep around 12.30 am and had curry maggi before sleep. Obviously, nobody woke up for sahur....we might be hungry early today....

On tuesday morning, I woke up late, had my bath and straight went to the office. I reached my office around 9.20 am. Quite nervous when get into the same lift with my Project Director...fortunately, his mood was good.

Again, there's nothing to say on the events at my office. Yunus and his draugtmans stayback for the whole night preparing submission for his highrise project..

I went back home during lunch time, to feed my kitten and done my laundry. After that, I went back to the office and continue my work. At 4.05 pm, I went back with Hadie and we went to Spineys besides Burjuman to buy some groceries.

After that, we separate, I went to Ali Noor house and had my Iftar there. He's cooking chicken rice for Iftar.

8 of us having iftar

our foods for iftar

After Tarawih, my friend and I went to the handphone shop in Bur Dubai because he want to repair his Iphone...I just company him...suddenly, he also bought a PSP..8 gig with 15 install games for AED 1000...include charger and connection to tv...

me with the owner of the shop, Mr Ismail

I bought prawn fried rice at Karachi Darbar restaurant for my sahur and I sleep around 1.30 am...

until next post

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