Thursday, September 18, 2008

TAK iftar on 18th Ramadan

Nothing interesting that I would tell today....I'm helping Yunus, Adrinfard, Hadie and Mamat doing their resort project which urgently needed by this saturday....Hadie and Adrinfard was stay back since last night and just went back home to change their cloth for this evening Iftar at Crown Plaza Hotel in Sheikh Zayed road.

After work, I went to pick up Ali and friends at the site office and went back home to change. We arrived home around 5.00 pm and quickly had our bath and dress up to the event.. I wear a blue Qandura to the event.

with my blue Qandura

Ali Noor and me

infront of Ali's house....It's me, Bro Azhan, Ali Noor and Abd Razak

Inside my and Bro Azhan

at the main entrance

Siti Aishah, me and Saidatul Haziah

Infront of the ballroom

Architect Teo Ah Khing and wife..Mdm Ivy

As usual...we got our Duit raya......everybody got the same amount......he he...just enough for me to buy another Louis Vuitton bags....he he...just dreaming...would save the money for other purpose..

Kamil, Reen and me

It's me with TAK ballroom hall as background

Razak, Ali Noor, Azhan, Bro Janggut, Me, Harris and Helmi

Mdm Ivy Ng and me

It's me with Wan of my best friends

When the ceremony ends, I went to Deira city center with Ali and his housemate...we done some window shopping and went back home before 11.00 pm.

Bro janggut, Bro Azhan and me...infront of the camel replica

me at Deira City Center

I just went home, change my cloth and updating my blogs. It was a happy Iftar event and we meet all TAK staff which currently were about 520 peoples.

until next post.

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rhymee azrie said...

Qandura yg cantik....Cik sue nak Qandura hitam ... or beige color :)