Friday, September 5, 2008

Friday...selling at UAE ramadan bazaar

I woke up at 10.00 am today, we start to do our cream caramel to be sell at malaysian UAE ramadan bazaar today...I just helped done the packing and send it to the bazaar.

Sairie as the master chef for cream caramel

we cut the cream caramel and pack it

After friday prayer, we start our packaging and Bro janggut start cooking his cucur udang.

Bro janggut cooking his cucur udang

After done packaging, we went to the Malaysian UAE ramadan market in Al Barsha around 3.20 pm and reached there after 20 minutes...set up our stalls and start selling our foods.

busy with the crowds

almost done...we finished our stuuf less than 40 minutes

After that, we went back home and had our iftar..Bro janggut cook again his cucur udang for us and I'm eaten the Nasi kerabu that I bought for AED 18 per pack..with chicken only...After maghrib, I went to Diva and done my carwash...I sleep around 11.00 pm, quite tiring but it's enjoyable..meeting other Malaysian peoples in UAE...
until next post...


mother of two said...

ari tu tak sempat nak beli u punyer caramel... book satu yer..

Imeirda said...

Aha, kami book 2 blh. Confirm order yea.