Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Iftar with beloved close friends ever in Dubai Marina

It was 16th days of Ramadan and I never went out with my eldest friends ever in Dubai....they was quite unhappy with me and today, I decided to had iftar with all my oldest beloved friends here in Dubai...

I went to the office as usual, nothing urgent to be done so far and I keep doing my work until end of the day. Yunus and Adrinfard was arguing with Hadie about the current conditions in Malaysia where Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim was extremely working hard to put himself to be the next Prime Minister of Malaysia.

I just listen to what they argued and closed my eyes...I slept during my break for one hour. At 4.30 pm, I went back home and pick up Aidit at my house..his apartment was below my apartment. After took him, I went back to my office to pick up Reen, Farah, Jamel, Munyra and Kamil...we would had our iftar at Da Shi Dai at Dubai Marina...

Previously I brought Ali, Mamat and Sairie but this time, I brought another group of my best friends. We reached there quite early, so we just had chitchatting there and snap a few photos....At 6.30 pm, we start having our iftar and overall, all of my friends satisfied with the foods.

photo of me.....am I cute enough? he he

Aidit, Reen and Jamel at the back

Farah Liana and Munyra Asyikin

Munyra and his husband, Adzmith Kamil

This were what I ate

and including this

faces of full stomach...Jamel were sleepy

We went back around 7.30 pm....I drop all of the to Shisha at Bamboolina...then I continue to Oriental house in Bur Dubai. Get change and went to Deira market t bought fish and shrimp. We also shop for rice because there's no more rice in the container.

I reached home around 11.10 pm, updating my blog and went to sleep.

until next post

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