Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It's my 100th entry.....

First of all, thanks for all my reader who always keep on reading my life diaries here in Dubai…This is my 100th entry….I’m writing my first blog at 31st may because I’m attracting to my friends stories and he shared what he do, think and experience along his journey in life. Therefore, I also start my blog to shared on my life story.

A special thank you and highly appreciation to Suhaili Othman @ , my Lawyer friends in Miri, Sarawak, who always teach me on creating this blogs…..also my gratitude goes to Aidit in Dubai…the famous blogger ever here where you can read it more @ my reference to explore how to make my blogs more interesting. Nurul Aini ramli, my exunimate also had a short and interesting blog….and Imelda Maya Harris…..until now, I don’t know how to link their blogs to mine…..he he…so sorry

Along the way until this 100th entries, I had put all my anger, sadness, happiness and everything…..everyday just for my own satisfaction and compilation….I received all good comments and supports by all friends and readers and some critics from envy people…..

At the moments I’m writing this blogs, I am in a happy moods, feeling good when beloved by someone…even it just temporary and had a limitation…I’m happy with it for now…thanks for being there for me…Thanks for all the guidance and caring on me….nobody does what you did to me before…you were kind, obedient yet adamant and strict.

To all my friends in all over the world, Thanks for being such a good friends and I do hope that we’ll be together forever. I do hope that you’ll be with me along to fulfill my journey in life. Thanks for all your advised, critics and supports verbally, mentally and so on…This blog is a place for me to express all my feeling and mood everyday...I like to put lots of foods photos because that's the only things that make me happy....

The only concern to me is my grandmother in the village. She can’t sit anymore….I called my house everyday but I can’t talk to her…she just lying on the bed and….only Allah knows everything and I just hopping. I can’t wait to see her in one month times. I really miss my father and mother…..For my adopted family in Cameron Highlands, thanks for all your love and concerns to me..I tried myself to be a better person as far as I can go…I miss you all too…would set a day during my October vacation to Malaysia.

Beloved grandmother...Hjh Zaliah

Beloved grandfather..Haji Zakaria

At this moment of time, I just created a simple Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebration card as my token of appreciation and wishes to all my readers, family, friends and beloved ones. Only Allah swt would gives his bless to all your kindness.....until next post...thank you

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rhymee azrie said...

Congrats! Terharu kejap Cik Sue namanyer dipetik... Keep on writing beb!