Friday, September 19, 2008

Last UAE Bazaar ramadan at Naif road at night

It's friday and I woke up late...around 11.30 am....after had my bath, prepared for Friday prayer and went to the mosque...After that, around 1.00 pm, I went to carrefour Bur Dubai with Ali Noor, Bro Janggut and Bro Razak...We done some shopping for our Iftar and kenduri tomorrow. I did bare almost all the cost because it was praying for my grandmother who's sick at the Village....We are going to recite Yassin, Doa Selamat and perform Tarawih with Malaysian style.

After done our shopping at Carrefour, I drop off Bro janggut at his house and we proceed to the UAE bazaar ramadan at Al the compound of Malaysian General Consulate house...I went there with Ali Noor and Bro Razak...There were a few stalls which already set up and I just go and buy laksa penang and kuih seri muka.

I'm busy buying the Laksa Penang...and Kuih Seri Muka

In front of the house of Malaysian General Consulate officer..
There's a lot of malaysian came and buy foods at the last UAE Bazaar ramadan...and I meet a few new friends
With Anita from DP Architect....we had the same Louis Vuitton bag but different in colour
all the sweet girls from Mirdif.....don't have enough time to get their names..maybe next times...

Ali Noor with his friend, Tini who works with MISC

a photo with Malaysian General Consulate Officer, Tuan Syed Mohd Hasrin
After 20 minutes, suddenly I meet fadillah auntie, Auntie Hamisiah and her daughter Iza and husband benjamin....I promised them to Iftar together after 25th of September....they would celebrate Aidilfitri here in Dubai and didn't went back to Miri...Sarawak..
with Auntie Hamisiah and her daughter..Iza
After all the stall came and setting out, suddenly Kak Tipah came and bring all her famous kuih....her stall had became the most famous stall of the day...everybody was surrounded her and bought her kuih and foods.
Kak Tipah arrived with her kuih....

and all the crowds surrounds her....really become a hot stall ever....

After completing bought everything for Iftar, we went back to Ali's house at Bur Dubai...along the way, I captured a photo showing Dubai with sand storms..

Along Sheikh Zayed road...Sand storms in Dubai

We reached home around 5.10 pm...unpack all the foods and arrange it on the dining tables....look at my sinful kuih for the greedy am I..
Seri muka, tako, pulut with serunding, Kuih lapis, curry puff, Tepung pelita, Kuih bakar and murtabak ayam...

and I had this Laksa Penang as the opening for my Iftar
Bro janggut had prepared Fish curry with fried chickens for other dishes...there's a lot of foods for the day....

and Bro Janggut cooked Fish curry and fried chickens
After maghrib prayer, We agains went out for shopping, first, we went to Gold souk because bro Azhan want to book for a Gold accesories for his beloved wife.....unfortunately the shop is closed...then we continue to our next destination....
Bro Azhan and me at the Gold Souk

We went to the new Naif Souk...this is the new location of the world famous souk which had been burned before...I came to buy Jubah for Ija's aunt...she required 20 pieces of the black Jubah...

me infront of the New Naif souk

Bro Razak, me and Ali the Jubah shop....I spend more than 1k for 20 peices of jubah
After done shopping, we went back home. I had to go to the office to do some overtime because they had a presentation tomorrow. But I went to the office at 11.40 pm...There's a new issue raise at Ali's house, Yusri Indrawan, his ex housemate who had been terminated from our company, get a serious sickness..his back spine was shifted and effected all his nerves. Now he can't move or standing and walked....pity on him...
His quite stubborn when we asked him to go back to malaysia just after he was been terminated. he's jobless and homeless... I know that he want to seek for jobs in UAE but he never listen to all advised from me or his other got a problems and nobody would responsible for him..We also had our a good solution..he had to go back to reason is to cure his sickness and after that..He would came again..If he got other chances to work here..
Yusri Indrawan.....sick because of his back spine
To be responsible as friends, we together try to help him as far as we can do...again..we went out to buy the support for the pharmacy we found the support...cost us AED 112...we hope that It's helps him..
We bought a supported stick for Yusri..pity on him
We stop at the Chai corner to had our tea.....It just in front of our house...
we had our Chai (tea) and Porata with chicken curry
After spending half an hour at the shop, I went home...pack for some food to the office..I had to stay back until morning....while i'm writing this blog..I'm still at the office and the time is 2.40 am...
until next post..


the_willow said...

Salam, Bro,
salam perkenalan, you may not know me but i know some of your friends like bro janggut. We used to work at the same office, GDP. Please send my regards to him. What a pleasant feeling to look at your photos and knowing that some of your friends/colleagues are my friends too. Thanks for blogging from Dubai.

mother of two said...

camner muka kakak takde dlm gmbar ramai2 tu... tak aci..:)