Tuesday, September 2, 2008

sick at the second ramadhan

It's not a good day for me, I got sick...don't know what I had eaten last night..make my stomach sick....I called the secretary told them that I would not go to the office. I just get rest for the whole day.

Nothing much happened to me today, when Iftar, means time to break the fasting, my friends just cooking as usual and we just bought this Kuih Seri Muka at Citimoon cafe..we bought for five packet and one packet cost us AED 10...means that one slice for aed 2.50

Kuih Seri Muka...rarely found in Dubai
As for dinner, we just prepared

mix vegetables

fried chicken

chili's Puyuh eggs

and Bro janggut prepared his famous fish curry

and I just prepared fruit cocktails for our drinks

Helmi, Sohaimi, Adrian harris, Azizi, Mamat behind Yan, Ali, Bro Janggut, Azhan, Harris and me not in the photo....
After dinner and tarawih, Ali asked me to bring him to carrefour because he want to buy a new water dispenser....because Doctor had advised him not to drink the tap water...He just knew that he got a cronic diabetis...I'm so sorry for him...so after this..he must control his foods..

photo of Ali's new water dispenser...cost him aed 319 and the water aed 20
After done everything, I just went home and sleep. I do hope that I would be ok tomorrow...I missed my family so much...

until next post...


Kakak Tiri said...

Mimie ni macam tau-tau je I'm carving for Seri Muka tu... huwaaaaa...

Kakak Tiri said...