Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Work and stayback..

At the moment I’m writing this blog, I’m still at the office and the time is about 2.30 am. Basically I’ve to reply all the emails to the consultants and in house consultant. We had long discussion regarding the current project that I’m handling right now……

I start my day with no breakfast, reach office and straightly do my work. I’m asking my draughtsman last night to complete the angular typical floor plan but I did not aspect that he would stay back and do the work. Obviously all the plans he done wrong and he had to did it again. It quite wastes my time because I had to update the latest built up area for my meeting at the evening.

As usual I had argument with Yunus, my colleague who also helping me in coordinating the project on the ramp and car park issue. Huh…we had fight and at the end we went to see our Design director, Mr. Hairul Nizar…lastly I just apply the design conclusion from our discussion.

My draughtsman went back and no people assist me with amending the drawings and doing the area calculation….its quite urgent and I don’t have enough time. Panic for a while...I just take my lunch individually at my work space and I’m having plain rice with ayam masak lemak kuning…..quite ok…
My lunch...Ayam masak lemak cili api with plain rice..

I want to pay for the food but Tok Batin miracle( Khalbi) went home already because he stay back last night…

I just continue my works and at 3.00pm, I had to attend the consultants meeting. The meeting adjourned at 6.00 pm. After the meeting, my project director came and had a short discussion with us on the next step to move on with the project….

At 7.30pm, I left the office to meet my friend because I’ve promised to had dinner together at Tahera restaurant Bur Dubai….we start our dinner at 8.00pm, had chit chat until 9.15pm and we split. My friend just went home and I’m also done the same…..

We had briyani with chicken tika and chicken masala….

I reach my home, clean up the mess done by my kitten and went to bath…after that I was push by The Diva of my house to took his photo with the new LV bag that he bought during the fathers day special edition promotion…It cost him AED 3050 only…maybe it was the present for his coming birthday this month…he he…you go Reen, go and collect more…by the way… he’s the most branded collector in my house…he he..and sometimes…I just envy with him…he he

Reen is smiling with his new braces....and of course...the LV bag..

I’m asking Yati to take care of my kitten because I’m too busy to take care of them and they are also getting naughty. It would been taken care by Sarah, Yati sister because she stayed at home and nothing to be done…in addition, she likes cats so much.
Combi and Bidi…..shown pity faces to me…would miss u baby…

Combi and Bidi...ready to move...

Yati is smiling...but please..take care of them ok...even i know you would shock with them after..he he...

Yati send me to the office and I just continue my works.

Until next post....continue..working

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