Saturday, June 7, 2008

Half day on saturday..

I’m working on Saturday, but its only half day, normally i reach my office around 1.30pm, unless if there is an urgent presentation then I’ll come earlier. last night i slept late around 3pm watching part 3 Lord of the Ring and ate KFC, then i went to sleep, early in the morning I woke up around 5.20 am…something wrong with my tummy, it’s really hurt, it’s not because diarrhea. I cannot resist it then I take the Malaysian traditional Gamat oil and put it on my tummy, a few minutes later, it release my pain. I slept again and woke up around 11.45am.

Leizl, one of my Filipino friend make car lift to the office that cost me AED 5 and I reached office around 1.50pm. If not, i'll go out early around 12 pm to get cab and cost me AED 10. I haven’t take my lunch yet because my tummy still not ok. The hot whether now make me headache and all people encourage drinking plenty of water. Adjusting the drawings according to the comments and input from Engineer and suddenly its almost 6.00 pm already…
Reen, my housemate is going for scaling at KARAMA and I still don’t have any idea on what am I going to do yet. To be frank, it’s very expensive to go to Dentist in Dubai compared to Malaysia. I’m doing the treatment normally when I’m going back to Malaysia…hmm still lots work to do…Singapore branch is weekend today so I have to do my drawings by myself….die la….

Until then…..



are you sure you are lonely there? it looks like you are having fun, though ;p

Lonely me..... said...'s more fun when we have companion right...i want to find dear