Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A night @ Belhoul Hospital

Just after i'm completing my work after stayback overnight at the office, at 10.05 am in the morning i got a call from the Belhoul hospital to do the operation to take out the sinus tumor which i didn't tell u guys before the actual reason why i went to the Hospital.

I went back home, take a shower and reach Belhoul hospital around 11 am. From there, the nurse bring me to the blood test room where they want to test my blood pressure and everthing before they do the operation. After that, they bring me to my room so that i can change my cloth and so on. Below in the view of my room.

Obviosly I still had a time to pose in my ward room...

After waiting around 10 minute, Dr Nabil came and give injection to me, so that i'll be sleeping at the moment the operation been held. I think I start sleeping around 12 noon. At 4.00 pm, I wake up and i was lying on my bed, its like nothing happened. Suddenly Dr Nabil came in and greeting me, and then he show what had been taken out from my body....

It's still small, but if i haven't take it out, I might get a cancer....scary..

It's me after the operation...photo taken by Nurse: Marisel

Photo of my lovely Nurse: Marisel

I feel very weak after the operation and Dr nabil advised me not to move so much...and I have to sleep at the Hospital for tonite. I called Reen asking him to come and get him to inform my project team that i'm unable to go to the office tonite...Yunus..i'm sorry.

Around 7.30 pm, Reen came and he bring Dahlia, my receptionist, i feel glad because at least Dahlia would inform my bos and the Human Resources that i would not be coming to office for a few days...and then we have a photo sessios...ha ha ha

Reen and me...he's over pose.....he's really a cam whore.

Dahlia (my receptionist) and ME

Reen taken my photo...

After a while, then they want to go back, you what...Reen was addicted to Shisha already...so I know why he want to go back early.....huh...King of Shisha....

Ali called me after that and he want to come and visit me..surprisely he came around 9.20 pm with someone that i haven't expected to come..he he..surprise..Abg Sohaimi also called and greet me...hmm i have lots of friends to be love....but do they love me??? hahahaha

After that Ali went back and I staying alone in the bedroom, watching The day After Tomorrow. then another Nurse come which replacing Marisel to take care of me..Jessie.
Photo of my night Nurse: Jessie

I sleep around 10 pm, and wake up around 12 because Jessie came and give the antibiotic injection. I cannot sleep well and the needle at my left hand are really hurting me..

I really hurt by this needle.

Around 7.00 am in the morning I woke up and Jessie give me my breakfast.

I'm having roasted bread with cheese and strawberry jam and Apple juice...

After breakfast, i take my medicine and Dr Nabil came and do the checkup. He allow me to go back today but I will come on Saturday to do my follow up.. Thanks Dr. Nabil

Photo of Dr Nabil....

After dressup, I'm walking slowly to my house and get rest. I'm thinking to go to the office because i want to look at the Model of my Meydan City Boathouse project which would be in the office on Wednesday...but i'll call Dahlia to recomfirm...from now..i just get rest..he he

until next post....

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