Saturday, June 21, 2008

Stay back again....urgent

Again at time I’m writing this blog, I’m still working at the office. I stay back again because I’ve to complete the compilation of Meydan City Boathouse drawings for clients review by tomorrow. I’m stay back with my 2 dedicated draughtsman’s, Brother Romzi and Rosli..

It’s almost 4.30 am in the morning and Azan Subuh just called people to perform the prayer. At the other room, Kamil alone designing his Meydan gateway Tower…huh..he such a energetic guy…I can’t beat him….

Nothing much I want to tell about my life today, I wake up around 10.30 am, had my bath and then straight goes to Belhoul hospital for my appointment with Dr Nabil. After that, I went to galadari driving school to settle my payment for classes and test. Then, I called Maria, my Filipino car lift to send me to the office.

I’m instructing Hadie to order my lunch, Seafood spaghetti…then I just ate at my working space… My boss came and told me that he needs A3 size printout latest drawings for my project to show to the client tomorrow. Automatically I would be stay back tonight and go back the next morning.

I just continue my work, had quarrel with Yunus as usual and instruct my draughtsman’s on what they need to do…

I call a few peoples, sms my friends and had dinner with him at Apple bees...I’m really missing him and it seems like I’ve never seen him for a long time. I just miss the moment and it was really worth it. Then he went back home and I just go upstairs and continue my work.

Until next post.

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zoora said...

quarrel with yunus as usual????? weh.. dia suka buli engkau yaa.. eiii jahat nya.......