Saturday, June 14, 2008

Anger and tears

I woke up at 8.45 am in the saturday morning, i'm exhausted. Sms a few people, had my bath and start walking to belhoul hospital to attend my appointment with Dr Nabil.

After that, I took taxi and had my journey to the office. I reached early because I want to cleanup my table. I've moved my place to the middle room where Yunus situated alone before accompanied with schoolmate...

I'm very frustrated with all the people involved in the project. My leader only know how to instruct but they don't know that i'm doing everything.....The stupid draughtmans from Singapore or Dubai didn't helped me at all and the worst thing, on saturday morning when my mood was still ok had been spoilt by my collegue. He want's all the drawings to be done at the end of the day....huh..I just updated some drawing then I went out for lunch.

I'm having lunch at Apple bees, quite a memorable restaurant that had give some sweet memory for me...yesterday before, its a place for me and.....having lunch or's was really2 became a sweetest memory ever in my live...then I started crying...afraid that something bad would happen to the one that i was really painfull...when i realized that peoples looking at me suddenly..then i just ask my bill and get off from the restaurant.

I went upstairs start doing my body in the room, i close the door and turn out loud my music....mostly a sad song suddenly appear...then i cried again..tired right...I email the urgent files then i'm ready to go home...I'm exhausted..mentally..

it was a good news...i'm happy when I see the smile on him... deep in my heart i'm very thankful to Allah for him...I don't know why suddenly then I become sad..maybe I just think that performance may save your day..where I don't think that I had perform enough..

I took a taxi to Deira City Center to watch Kungfu Panda with my friends..Again I went to Virgin and buy 3 DVDs...bad habit...die la...sms some people then we had our movie...It supposed to be a fun movie but I don't know what happen to me..may be at some part I'm just purposely laughing...after the movie..suddenly I realized that I lost my Iphone, I got 2 Iphone where 1 had been borrowed by hadie because he want to take photos at Bab Al shams site and I did not bring my camera.

I'm panic, rushing back to the cinema and tried to find in below the seat...can't find it...then I just feel that it's was not to be mine....suddenly my friend remind me that maybe I left it somewhere else.. then i quickly went to Virgin again and was there...i left at the counter when I want to pay for DVDs stupid am I....Thanks to love is going deep now...I would be sink after this....ready to die....

While waiting for taxi to go partners from office call me and screwed me up...because of the drawings again..I just listen and don't bother it at all.....the works continue tomorrow...until then...

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